Promotional Lollipops Custom Printed & Personalised


You don't have to be talking to kids to make the most of promotional lollipops. Used in a restaurant or at any retail outlet as a giveaway to promote your company and build your brand, a lollypop is a fun treat everyone loves and a proven way to get your message consumed quickly and without complaint. A Fresh Promotions supplied branded lollipop is all about fun and a tasty way to promote your company or event. FREECALL 1800 129 999 to speak with one of our branding consultants. A lollipop is one type of confection that can be carried around easily in a backpack, handbag, pocket, or otherwise on a person, making these ideal refreshment pieces for recipients to enjoy while on the go. When a lollipop is branded to represent a particular company or business, it is the branding that will be recognised as a person enjoys the treat while travelling about their area, which allows these promotional products to be an effective and affordable branded sweet option.

    using Lollipops in Marketing & Promotions

    Those in the education, children’s goods, hospitality, retail, agriculture, and other businesses can all appreciate using lollipops as promotional tools, as these are treats which can appeal to very different audiences. When using promotional products for marketing purposes, appealing to a wide market of consumers is always ideal as it allows the brand to gain attention on a much larger scale, and doing so with an inexpensive item, such as a lollipop, provides the most exposure for the lowest price.

    Promotional lollIpops also come in a large selection of flavours, so each intended recipient may be able to choose the flavour that most suits their mood. Whether displayed on a desk or trade table, or hand distributed during an event, consumers of all types will be able to have a positive experience with any type of brand when enjoying their lollipop.

    Lollipop Manufacture & Branding

    Lollipops can be made of hard candy or chocolate, and the branding options given with these promotional items may vary. Flat lollIpops, uniquely shaped lollIpops, round lollIpops, and a vast array of different flavours are available to ensure a marketed product ideally suits the brand it is made to promote. These items may also come in individually wrapped singles, or branded buckets and tins as well, should a company require a specific type of presentation. Single wrapped lollipops are best for hand distributing as an employee walks around an event in order to spread awareness for a brand, however a bucket or tin may be more suitable should more of a display piece be desired.

    Some lollipop varieties, such as those made of chocolate, can be made into custom shapes with branding placed directly on the confection itself. These highly customisable items are striking enough to attract the eye easily and work well for garnering attention. Lollipops with branded wrappers or stickers, however, provide a very specific benefit as the wrapper of the treat will be able to last longer than the treat itself, providing more time for a brand to gain exposure.

    Promotional Lollipops Case Study

    An insurance company hosted a table at a recent community event, and guests were able to sign a sheet to receive more information about the brand by mail. When the information came, a thank you note was also enclosed that had a branded lollIpop attached to show that the company was truly grateful for the interest the community showed in their services by requesting further information. Not only did the company receive more calls the week after the cards went out, but recipients stated that they were glad to find a business they felt truly cared.

    Shipping, Distribution & Storage

    The size and weight of promotional lollipops gives them the ability to be shipped vast distances affordably.

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