Promotional Pens Custom Printed


Even today promotional pens are the most popular branded product available. The promise of the paperless office has never quite come true so pens are still an essential business accessory which are used by everyone in business. From cheap promotional pens through to classic brands like Parker, Waterman and Bic there are thousands of options which satisfy every promotions requirement. If you're still not sold on the promotional pen make a note every time you reach for a pen. Whether you find one or not, chances are that there are lots of moments when you wish you had a pen on hand to make a quick reminder note or telephone number. While the smart phones may be able to do some of the same things as promotional pens branding something like a stylus pen is a smart way to take advantage of the changes in the market while mixing the traditional value of a custom printed pens with modern business practice

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    Using Promotional Pens in Marketing & Promotions

    When you use promotional pens to reach your customers you're providing them with a handy writing instrument that's going to find a welcome home in their office, purse, car or house for the long term. There are few branding opportunities cheaper than a pen and none that have the same continuing value, large branding area, general utility and across-the-board appreciation as the  branded pen.

    Promotional Pens are Roving Ambassadors for Your Brand

    One of the many benefits of custom pens is their ability to travel far beyond your original recipient. If you've ever noticed how pens seem to disappear just when you need them, then you've experienced one end of the pen's awesome ability to travel. When someone needs a pen, this writing tool is dully produced, and often the writer just walks away with it. If you're going to have pens flying off your desk, why not send them away with a message? Banks, libraries, doctors' offices, and any other location where visitors have to do some writing will do well to use promotional pens and send them off into the world with a message.

    If your business is associated with a particular promotional hue, we can provide you with a pen that your customers will immediately associate with you. We have cheap pens in any shade you could dream up from sleek and professional silver, black, or navy blue, to bold and eye-catching shades of pink, purple, yellow, and green. Fresh Promotions has metal pens as well with a silver or gold finish that offers a classy and elegant look. If you want to offer a different kind of writing experience, we also offer highlighter pens and Pencils.

    Personalised Pens are a Cost Effective Branded Gift

    If traditional personalised pens aren't your style, have no fear. We have some truly outstanding promotional pens that will knock your socks off. Our Banner Pens are the ultimate promotional tool with pull out banners that allow you to print detailed information or advertisements on a slip of paper that rolls up right around the pen. If you want to make sure your customers spend plenty of time looking at your pen, consider our liquid filled options. These pens have a liquid chamber with colourful beads or bubbles that are a sure attention grabber. This pen is so entertaining the user may just forget he's meant to be writing with it.

    Branded pens are a popular choice because they're useful for nearly any kind of event. If you're having a conference, your pens will ensure that attendees have something to take notes with. At a trade show, pens are easy to grab, affordable to hand out, and sure to get used. In your own office, promotional pens are just what you need for making an impression on your new customers or clients. Hand over a branded pen so they can sign an important contract and you can go ahead and encourage them to keep the writing utensil. Find a style you like and you can order these pens in bulk so they're always on hand.

    Branded pens are easily customised to meet your company's needs. Our pens come with pad printing, screen printing, or laser engraving depending on the product. You can use a single colour, or order multi coloured printing on your product. If you have a specific style or design in mind, just give our sales representatives a call and they'll be happy to walk you through the process for designing a one-of-a-kind promotional pen. Though custom pens are something that your competitors may also have, Fresh Promotions will help to ensure that yours stand out in any setting and make a big impression on your customers.

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