Promotional Seeds & Plants Custom Printed


Grow your sales using promotional seed packs - a unique way to reach your audience and keep them in touch with your offers and philosophy. Good marketing is about keeping your clients engaged and interested that will and promotional seed packs do both. Get people's attention and show off your company at the same time while providing a value for money marketing device which says a lot about your company. Great for flower shops and gardening suppliers there is something for everyone who's looking for a way to make their company attract the attention of green-thumbed and nurturing clients.

    Using Promotional Seeds and Seed Sticks in Marketing & Promotions

    There are so many different ways you can customise promotional seed packs that will leave a lasting impression. Take the time to browse our custom seed packs. Customised to promote a "growing" company or the message to your clients that you want to "grow together", there are plenty of creative ways to put the range of custom seed products to work growing your sales. Check out the Fresh Promotions eco-friendly solutions and ask one of our consultants how they can be helpful regardless of the business you're in.

    Guide To Using Promotional Seeds & Plants In Marketing

    Branded seeds and plants not only help to convey a green message, they actually help recipients to live a greener lifestyle. As a truly unique piece, these promotional gifts are able to stand out from the crowd and create a positive impact on the minds of the consumer. When a person plants their seeds, or plants, in their homes or at their workspaces, it can be a particular brand they are reminded of each time they admire or care for their plant, allowing them to think about a particular brand frequently. Being in the minds of an audience is a key aspect in successful marketing, and these products have the ability to do just that.

    Promotional seeds and plants are also affordable, allowing a brand to make a maximum impact while not spending a fortune on promotional products. For a budget friendly price, a company can positively remind their recipients of their brand while also conveying a message of environmental care and ecological sustainability. Promotional seeds and plants are most appreciated by those in the agriculture or green living industries, however they can be used appropriately to market a variety of different types of brands. Those who work in outdoor goods, landscaping, education, or nurseries can also use these promotional gifts to market their brands in a way sure to get themselves remembered by their desired audiences.

    Promotional Seed & Plant Branding Options

    Promotionally branded seeds will often come in packages also made of environmentally friendly materials in order to correspond with the green theme of the products. These seeds can be used to grow flowers, vegetables, and decorative plants either in an indoor or outdoor location. Screen printing is the most commonly used method to place branding on each seed pack, and this allows a brand to display their desired design or image in a full range of vivid colours.

    Promotional plants, such as herbs or flowers, will typically come in reusable terra cotta or metal plant holders, and these can be reused time and time again as a recipient sees fit. Pad printing may be used to transfer a company’s branding onto the plant holders or onto the plant’s packaging, providing a well-rounded and complete promotional gift. Promotional plants will often come with the seeds or starter kit needed to grow the plant, the convenient plant holder, and instructions used to let recipients know just how to keep the plant healthy.

    Promotional Usage Case Study

    A landscaping business looking to attract new customers at a springtime community appreciation event handed out branded seed packs to all who stopped to investigate their booth. These seed packs acted as business cards that recipients could use to improve their own landscaping, and they included contact information as well as the brand’s distinct logo. In the weeks following the event, the company noticed that many of their new callers had mentioned the seed packs when setting up their landscaping appointments.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Promotional seed packs may be distributed by hand easily or shipped affordably across the entirety of Australia.

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