Promotional Sunglasses Custom Branded

That's right, promotional sunglasses with your logo from only $1.49ea! In the Aussie climate the relentless sun beats down and the effect on sensitive eyes can be beyond the need for a fashionable face accessory. Our range of custom branded sunglass styles includes shapes which are tributes to the most famous brands in the business. providing the same level of UV light protection and fashionable presence. If you can't find the sunglass style you're after maybe the light is too bright and you need, more than ever, to stash away a store of custom sunglasses which will can be used by both clients and staff. We can source any style or shape you're after through our contracted lens manufacturer. Let us know what model and famous design you're after and leave the rest to us.

    Using Sunglasses in Marketing & Promotions

    Let us know the style of promotional sunglass you're after. Give us a call right now on 1800 129 999 to speak with an eyewear expert!

    Why Sunglasses Are So Popular

    Just about every type of person uses sunglasses, and these pieces are important when it comes to protecting eyes from the sun while outdoors. Sunglasses are also very present on someone's face, and this is the area in which most people will look when talking with one another or enjoying each other’s company, which leads this to be a very effective promotional area. When a person wears a branded pair of sunglasses, and holds a conversation with a friend, co-worker, employee, relative, or stranger, the person they are speaking with will be looking toward their eye area and it can be a brand that they notice while enjoying their conversation.

    Sunglasses can also be used in a variety of different areas and situations, and wearers can enjoy these pieces while at a company picnic, on vacation with their families, or even while out and about during a typical day. This allows these products to have maximum exposure potential, as recipients can take them along no matter where they go. A branded pair of sunglasses can be seen locally as well as globally, as sunglasses are often a key piece to bring along while travelling.

    Promotional Sunglasses Manufacture & Branding

    When it comes to manufacture and branding, sunglasses offer a lot of options. While many sunglasses are made of sturdy plastic materials, metal is also a possible manufacture option with styles such as aviators. Each different style and method of manufacture will have their own methods of branding, and personal logos or brand images will typically be placed on the arms of the glasses which go down each side of the head. In some instances, however, branding may also be placed on the top or bottom corner of a lens, and these branding methods are excellent when it comes to garnering attention.

    Novelty shaped sunglasses, sport sunglasses, fashion sunglasses, and all other types of sunglasses can be manufactured to represent a particular brand, and each type of glasses will have their own methods of branding. Typically, with any type, branding will be placed in a visible and easy to notice location.

    Promotional Sunglasses Case Study

    A large company held its annual conference to join all employees at an outdoor park central to all of their retail locations. As a gift to those in attendance, all guests were given a small gift bag containing a pair of branded sunglasses that they could wear during the event. After the event, these sunglasses were taken home, and recipients continued to wear them during their day to day activities, noticing that others were asking them questions about their sunglass brand. The sunglasses then became something of a conversation piece, and the company realised that they were attracting new sales on behalf of the sunglasses and the newfound attention they brought.

    Shipping & Distribution

    In terms of shipping and distribution, sunglasses are somewhat fragile. When packaged safely, these are lightweight and easy to ship to other locations if needed, however, to ensure pieces remain intact, distribution by hand is often preferred.

    Minimal Price: $2.00