Promotional Wristbands Custom Logo Printed


Promotional wristbands have become a marketing and charity staple. For not-for-profit and community associations the wristband is both highly visible and cost effective. Like a badge, they tell the world you are the member of a club or support a worthy cause. Being made of soft silicone rubber a wristband can be made in any style and is a proven fashion items these days. "Livestrong" charity silicone wristbands are a perfect example of the branding power which can be achieved using promotional wristbands. Not only is it a great way to raise funds for a worthy cause by selling them to supporters but they also enhance awareness with the general community and turn wearers into ambassadors for your cause.

    Using Promotional Wristbands in Marketing & Promotions

    Custom wristbands can be produced in your exact PMS colour. Branding can be a simple print on each wristband or can be enhanced with embossing or a raised finish. Whatever your final requirements the unit price will be low compared to the excitement and publicity they can generate. Businesses can also trade off the proven effectiveness of promo wristbands. Any personal item which becomes a part of daily life has the potential to assist in cost-effective marketing.

    How Promotional Wristbands Make Connecting With Clients Easy

    Every marketer and fundraiser in the world is looking for an idea which will return create public interest in their brand or cause while mot breaking the bank. Over the years thousands of different ideas have been tried but these days many charities and community organisations hand out silicone wristbands to their associates having discovered they are cheap, popular and offer high visibility. Charities are about raising money, but at the same time they seek to reward those who support their organisation. Using a custom made wristband which carries the logo and details of your organisation is a way supporters can celebrate their involvement and management can offer a cost effective reward.

    Different Wristband Styles

    One of the other advantages this class of promo item offers is the great variability available on a single theme. While the majority of these bands are made from soft silicone rubber and are printed with the message you choose, there are many others which are either made from scratch so that any specific message is designed to become a lasting part of the final product. This is the case when you opt for an embossed or debossed design which either raises the text (debossing) or imprints it into the final body of the product (embossing). These options can make the final product more long lasting and attractive as there is no need for the coloured overprint.

    Similarly, it's not always silicone which is chosen as the ideal medium with which to manufacture. Neoprene rubber, felt, moulded plastic, metals, clothing zippers and a range of other materials can easily be used to produce a wristband. Depending on the end use you have planned and the budget available all of these options are able to provide a suitable solution to your marketing requirements.

    Promotional Applications in Many Industries

    While charities and community groups utilise the promotional wristband to be an appropriate product to compliment their marketing efforts business and sports clubs also use them all the time as cost effective rewards or recognition of involvement gifts. Even if it's just as a way to engage with the junior members of the market and entertain and enthuse the kids of people with whom you would like to engage, a gift of a promo wristband is an ideal way in which to win friends in business.

    Minimal Price: $1.05