Disposable takeaway coffee cups are an ever increasing component of landfill so it makes sense that the extensive range of custom branded promotional reusable coffee cups available on this site are amongst the most popular lines on offer. With high level insulation by means of double walled vacuum designs means that not only are you reducing waste by reusing the same cup every day for your coffee but the coffee itself is kept at the right temperature longer than in a traditional disposable cup. These eco friendly cups enhance the coffee and tea drinking experience so it’s no surprise they have been one of the most successful lines in recent years. The great range of colours and the opportunity to mix’n’match the cap, cup and in some cases sleeve colours to create a custom product look which is unique o your company are reasons reusable coffee cups are here to stay and a must have item for any promotional marketer who wants too keep their logo in high rotation.


    These days people are all connoisseurs of coffee and at the same time the world has turned towards eco-friendly ideas. In business many marketers have found that maintaining a green attitude towards the output and messaging of their business is a way to attract and keep customers. For these reasons, and those of simple practicality the range of custom printed reusable coffee cups are amongst the most popular lines available with new products being offered regularly

    While promotional reusable coffee cups are most appreciated by those in the business of peddling caffeine they offer a number of marketing opportunities to corporations and small business looking to take advantage of the consumer trends outlined above. Because reusable cups, as their name suggest stick around for a while and become part of the daily habits of the recipient there is a strong change your branding and message will not only make itself visible but will attract positive emotional sentiments by dent of the practical service your reusable coffee cup gift can provide.

    Reusable coffee cups are an affordable option and when their daily use is considered the cost per impression of your logo and message makes them an even better value proposition. With a great range of styles available at all price points models like the metro coffee cup which are made of double walled glass, insulated by means of the vacuum between the walls of the container through to cheaper versions like the cheap metro cup which is made of BPA free acrylic plastic but still has the versatility and insulating properties of the all glass model show that the price range and the styles available cater to all budgets and preferences.


    Disposable cups can be manufactured using paper, BPA free plastic, rice husks, glass or even stainless steel. All of the various manufacture options are affordable and designed to carry custom branding. Because these items are inflating they can be used for either hot or cold drinks giving them year-round exposure and relevance. But most of all as more and more people use coffee to enhance their day at work the reusable cups range has a bright future.

    Custom pad printing is the most commonly used branding method with reusable cups. though digital printing using a full colour spectrum is also available on some models. Not only do users appreciate the gift of a reusable coffee cup but the standout designs on offer are sure to catch the eye of anyone who sees the cups being used by others.


    A cafe hoping to set itself apart from the others in its strip of shops decided to attract new business using the traditional “loyalty card” approach many coffee retailers have found to be successful. In this case, instead of giving away free coffee regulars who signed on for the promotion were offered the opportunity to get a free reusable coffee cup after drinking 20 coffees. Not only was the offer extremely successful the cafe was compelled due to overwhelming demand to continue the promotion as many customers hoped to own multiple versions of the cups which they could not only use at the cafe but take home or offer to a friend.


    Most reusable coffee cup models can be shipped easily, but best of all make the gift personal and hand them out to your daily business contacts our make them a gift to your own staff. Reusable cups are robust and dishwasher safe and most models are unlikely to be damaged in transit, unless many traditional custom coffee mugs where the handle is a weak point which can easily be broken if they are not properly handled by couriers.

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