Promotional Rock Candy Custom Branded


Everyone loves candy and the range of custom rock candy offered here is as good as it gets. It's not simply a matter of putting some basic off-the-shelf confection in a bag and sticking a label on it. When you get promotional rock candy made by our supplier factory your logo becomes part of the product itself. It's impossible for the lucky folk feasting on these items to have any thought other than those which may be about you and your generosity. The range of products is extensive, covers many flavour and shapes and can be supplied in any of a long list of custom rock candy package styles.

    Using Rock Candy in Marketing & Promotions

    Not only is rock candy a classic confectionery piece enjoyed by people of all ages, it is also inexpensive and very easy to keep. When it comes to marketing, a brand will often want to get the most for their money when exposure is concerned, and promoting a brand with customised rock candy is one way to achieve just this. For a minimal price, companies in all different types of industries can get their brand out to the public using a product sure to be highly sought after, giving them the exact exposure they desire for a price all budgets can afford.

    Industries from education to hospitality can promote their brands using promotional rock candy, and the treat’s universal appeal is what keeps it universally appropriate. Rock candy is not geared towards any one specific audience, but rather a broader range of individuals, so a brand can have a limitless audience when promoting with such a product. Rock candy is not a messy confection, and this also allows it to be quite portable. A portable product is a product that will travel with a user or consumer, and this travel can give a branded item significantly more exposure. If a recipient should decide to enjoy their branded rock candy on a bus or train, not only will they be made aware of the branding it bears, but those around them will as well.

    Manufacture & Branding

    Rock candy is made primarily of water and sugar, with some colouring added if a particular colour should be desired. The simplicity of rock candy is what keeps it not only affordable, but popular as well, and these candies also have the ability to last through the tests of time.

    On promotional rock candy, the branding will focus primarily on the packaging of each product, and a company may choose individually wrapped pieces, or containers holding small bunches of the sweet treats. A brand’s logo, information, or message can be placed on the packaging by way of a digitally printed label or sticker, or it may also be pad printed directly onto the container should a larger jar or tin be chosen. Rock candy packages of a larger size are best for display pieces, as they give a brand the opportunity to remain noticeable while resting on a desk or table space. If a larger audience should be reached, individually wrapped branded packages are best for widespread distribution.

    Rock Candy Promotional Case Study

    A tea company looking to draw in younger customers chose to host an online giveaway to social media followers consisting of their new flavour of tea as well as individually wrapped sticks of flavoured rock candy. The company stated that the rock candy sticks worked well as tea stirrers, and the candy provided an ideal amount of sweetness and flavour, and fans began entering the giveaway in droves. Not only did the giveaway spark the interest of the younger crowd, but it also made existing fans interested in their new flavours and this new method of sweetening.

    Shipping & Distribution

    While rock candy is not prone to melting, and it is lightweight, it can be fragile, and this could lead to the candy becoming crushed during the shipping process if not packed carefully. For an easy and convenient method of distribution, giving to recipients by hand may be found to work best.

    Rock Candy
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