Promotional Rulers Custom Printed

There are curves and there are straight lines. There's never going to be another way to draw a straight line except to use a ruler so whilst the built world changes around us these straight edged deliverers of the truth will never be superseded. In every office there's somebody that has a favourite ruler which they guard with their life. Woe betide the workmate who tries to snatch it run. For a simple promotional product which can cost only a couple of dollars to attract so much emotional attachment is a signpost to product class which should be considered by anyone marketing to an office environment.

    Using Promotional Rulers in Marketing & Promotions

    Made from metal, wood or plastic the fundamental utility of a ruler is the same. They draw straight lines and because of the shape have available space for extensive branding. There's a promotional ruler style for every budget and branding options from single colour pad print through to full colour digital. Everybody is a potential target for a good quality custom printed ruler. To hear it straight from a ruler consultant FreeCall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999.

    Guide to Using Rulers In Promotional Activity

    Rulers have a useful place in the office, home, or classroom, and these products may be used by recipients of all ages and professions. When banding is placed on a usable item, such as a ruler, it is more likely to be not only seen but actually recognised by recipients in a highly meaningful way, making these products excellent choices when looking for effective promotional gifts. Those in the education industry, construction, carpentry, or those working in a corporate office can all appreciate marketing their brand with a ruler, and these work well as both stand-alone gifts or as part of an entire promotional gift package.

    When a brand gives a promotional ruler, they can also send an important message to their recipients, and one which says that they care about both quality and convenience. A ruler can be used for many different tasks, from measuring short distances to drawing straight lines, and these items can help to place a brand into a positive place when it comes to the mind of the consumer.Promotional rulers are typically inexpensive items, and they can be used in marketing by brands of all sizes without the worry of going over a marketing budget. By using an inexpensive promotional item, like a ruler, a brand can achieve an ideal level of exposure for a price they can afford, even in cases of wide distribution.

    Rulers Manufacture & Branding

    Rulers will commonly be made from plastic, wood, or metals, and the most common metal option is brushed aluminium. A ruler can also be manufactured with special features as well, and a calculator ruler can combine two useful office tools into one convenient piece. Laser rulers are excellent choices for architects and those in the interior design field, and these types of rulers also make ideal corporate gift pieces due to their high quality construction paired with their aesthetic appeal.The print area on a ruler will commonly be placed on the front of the piece, and this gives the branding on the product a way to be seen each time it is used. This print area is the space on the item where the branding will be placed, and no matter the shape or size of the ruler, this area is always placed strategically in the most visible locations. Laser engraving, pad printing, or screen printing will create the branding on each ruler, and the type of print process that will fit a product best will be determined by the materials that go into its manufacture.

    Promotional Rulers Case Study

    An interior design firm gifted employees with branded rulers that they could use while working in the field with clients. Recipients appreciated being able to have the high quality rulers on hand, and they felt it gave them a more professional look when they were working with their clients in their homes or offices.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Rulers can be shipped affordably across Australia or worldwide due to their small size and lack of weight, but if a more personal approach is desired, giving to recipients by hand is recommended.

    Minimal Price: $1.25