Promotional Shopping Bags Custom Printed With Your Design


What retail business doesn't rely on printed shopping bags to keep purchases secure and carry its brand to the streets. The right paper shopping bag with the right printed image can make a big difference. A lot of small businesses will stick to generic paper bags or plastic bags because they feel like it is a more affordable solution. However, you can get custom printed paper and plastic bags for a lot less than you realise. Personalise them any way that you'd like and think about the marketing advantages these bag styles offer and not simply in terms of their carrying abili, dimensions, paper weight or carry handle structure.

    Using Shopping Bags in Marketing & Promotions

    Your store or business can benefit from having a custom printed paper bag rather than leaving the outer surface blank. In business there is no better way to attract new business than through a 3rd party endorsement which is precisely what is happening when a satisfied customer walks the streets carrying your branded paper bags for others to see. Printed in full colour with your company logo, slogan, or anything else that you have in mind cheap shopping bags take advantage of marketing space which is not easily ignored.

    It's no surprise that the major retail brands invest heavily in quality printed bags for shopping. Think about the value they represent when next you're walking around a shopping mall and notice the proud shoppers who carry their purchases in a shopping bag, the logo on which is as important as that on their shoes or hand bag.. To find out more or discuss custom manufacture for your business FreeCall now on 1800 129 999 to speak with a custom shopping bags expert.

    How to Strengthen Your Brand With Promotional Shopping Bags

    A promotional shopping bag can be used time and time again to carry goods while on a shopping trip, and this also allows the bag to be seen easily as a person travels around an indoor or outdoor mall, throughout a shopping centre, or around a myriad of other events. A client can take a brand to the streets when they carry a shopping bag branded with a particular company’s logo, while also benefitting from the convenience of being able to carry their purchases in a single handy bag. These bags are inexpensive promotional items that often turn into something of an ID associated with a given brand for many years.

    What Materials are They Made From?

    Promotional shopping bags may be made of non-woven rayon, printed paper, or for eco-friendly events, recycled paper can also be used. Artwork is placed on each promotional shopping bag using a full colour offset printing process.

    Shopping bags may be used promotionally to hold other materials at an event, or they can be given with the purchase of a service or retail product. Different configurations of bags, including those made for upmarket sales, are available to suit different personal marketing needs. Retail stores or locations tend to be the most appreciative of these shopping bags, as having these bags encourages customers to shop within their location. These bags may be used in many ways by the retail industry, from the giving of a free gift with purchase to a prize for a giveaway event, and they can go on to promote the store during the course of every shopping trip.

    Custom Shopping Bags Manufacture

    Any design within the engineering capabilities of paper may be produced, and this includes many custom print styles, shapes, and sizes. A bag can be created to meet any desired style or need.

    Shopping Bags Case Study

    In one case of promotional shopping bag use, a small boutique store which was surrounded by big name stores in a strip shopping centre had a promotional shopping bag made with a custom colour, shape, size and message in order to compete with the big budget advertisements of its surrounding stores. Each shopping bag held a message which celebrated a different attribute of the store, and when sales numbers were slow, employees would take to the streets with these bags to entice new customers. These bags were taken all around the shopping centre and seen in the larger budget surrounding stores, some with messages notifying about the more affordable range of prices available at the boutique.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Shopping bags have the ability to be shipped flat and they are low in weight, allowing them to be shipped easily even in bulk numbers.

    Shopping Bags
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