Promotional Silicone Watches Custom Printed


Combine two of the classic promotional classes and you get silicone watches.. It's not surprise that this new style of watch is a hit with marketing companies in this tech-friendly world. Fun and stylish stylish, promotional silicon watches are a cost effective, yet high value they appeal across the board and as there is a wide range of different watch styles and silicone rubber finishes there's no problems finding a branding solution which appeals to everyone. Fun, sporty and made for fashion outdoor and water-based a custom silicone watch is likely to find its way onto a client's wrist which is both an endorsement and an advertisement for your brand.


    Customised with either a print on the face or the band of each silicone wristwatch you order they become prized giveaways or value-add marketing tools which will attract client attention and sway the undecided towards your offer. A simple gift like one of the soft silicone banded models to your staff and suppliers will return far more than the cost. With such a wide range of shapes, colours and watch mechanism styles to choose from our Free Design Service is sure to give you a great custom marketing tool. Made from the highest quality materials your brand will travel far and wide when applied to one of the promotional silicone watch styles available.

    Guide to Using Silicone Watches In Promotional Activity

    Silicone watches are fun and functional pieces which can be worn by both genders and people of all ages. These pieces are comfortable and durable to allow for many years of use, and when adorned with branding, they can help a company to stand out from the crowd due to the watches’ bright colours and unique designs.

    Silicone watches can be appreciated by brands in any industry, but those in the fashion and retail industries can often best benefit from marketing with these products. Because these watches are designed to be highly fashionable, they can be worn with many different outfits, and brands of these types will be able to reach their targeted consumers using pieces that will complement their attire.

    As far as affordability, silicone watches are some of the most affordable available, and this allows them to be usable by brands of all sizes. Whether wide distribution is desired, or a brand wants to market to a select few, silicone watches can be used for promotional purposes without going over a marketing budget.

    Since these products will often be worn on the go, branded silicone watches can place a brand’s name or logo in the sight line of various individuals, allowing a company to reach maximum levels of exposure using just one affordable marketing piece.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Soft silicone and plastic materials are used to manufacture silicone watches, however metal materials may go into creating the working components of the watches themselves. These products can be made into various shapes and sizes, and this allows a brand to choose a piece best suited to appeal to their desired demographic. While these watches are often found in bright and vivid colour varieties, black and white options are also available should a brand wish to market themselves on a more neutral toned item.

    Pad printing can place branding on either the face of the watch or on the watch’s band, and this allows for two print area options that a brand may choose from. On watches with thinner bands, the face area is more likely to be the desired print region, while watches with large bands may benefit better from branding placed on the band area itself. Pad printing gives brands the ability to place their logo or design onto the piece visibly, as this print method has the best ability to display visible imagery on silicone materials. Case Study

    A children’s clothing brand gave customers a branded silicone watch when they purchased items from their new summer season line. These watches were made to match the pieces being purchased, and this line quickly became one of their most popular. The demand for the watches lasted long after the summer season, and the brand then began selling them on their website for independent purchase. Shipping & Distribution

    Silicone watches can be shipped just as easily as hand delivered, and the small size of these products allows them to travel vast distances across Australia or the world affordably.

    Silicone Watches
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