Promotional Singlets Embroidered & Custom Print Personalised


To make the most warmer weather promotional singlets are one of the most popular and versatile styles of promotional garment you'd hope to get your hands on. The wide range available here includes singlet styles made of 100% natural cotton through to the latest high-tech moisture wicking fabrics which keep the wearer cool and dry by encouraging natural evaporation. The range of custom printed sleeveless styles are all supplied with a screen print or embroidered logo. If you're sponsoring a sporting event, are connected with a local club or simply want to encourage the staff fitness campaign a cool, light and easy to wear promotional singlet is the perfect way to encourage and brand their efforts.

    Using Singlets in Marketing & Promotions

    There are many different situations in which a promotional singlet may be used, making them great products to take advantage of in personal marketing. A singlet may be worn in a gym or sports club setting, or they could be given as uniform options to employees forced to work in uncomfortably warm outdoor conditions. Employers may also provide these pieces to their staff, in any industry, as part of a uniform or during team building sporting events.

    What Materials are Singlets Made From?

    3 different material options are available for these items, and each has their own particular benefits. Sports technical fabric is best for those who will be working up a sweat in their singlets, cotton provides a premium option prized for its cooling effects, and poly-cotton is a great affordable option that allows for durability and ease of cleaning and ironing. Artwork is typically placed on each singlet with embroidery as the premium solution while screen printing is also suggested particularly for sporting applications.

    A promotional singlet may be used in personal marketing in a multitude of different ways. A company may give these items to staff members as a personal gift, or part of a uniform for a company exercise program or to keep comfortable during hard work in hot conditions. For those in the sporting industry, a singlet may be provided as a gift with a gym or sports club membership, or as part of a team uniform.

    Which Industries Appreciate Singlets?

    Both the construction and horticulture industries greatly appreciate singlets as they allow employees or staff members to keep cool and comfortable while going about their daily tasks during the summer months. However, due to their comfortable and cool nature, those in the fitness and sporting industries also appreciate the use of singlets in workout attire or uniforms.

    Custom Singlets Manufacture

    A promotional singlet may be made out of a custom combination of desired fabrics or colours if it is wished that the singlet represents a brand in this way. Although, off the shelf options are typically perfectly suitable, especially when the prime focus of the singlet is to be placed on branding.

    Singlets Case Study

    A smaller-sized company in the business of furniture removal gave their employees branded singlets to wear while working in hot conditions. Large scale screen printing was placed on each item to represent the brand, and it was found that after a month of use 1/3rd of the inquiry calls the company received were inspired by what people saw on these pieces, with many saying “I saw some of your staff wearing blue singlets in my street.”

    Shipping & Distribution

    Due to their lightweight nature and lack of bulk, distributing and storing promotional singlets is easy. Specific sizing is often not required, and a larger scale unisex stock kept on hand is found to be very efficient.

    Minimal Price: $10.90