Promotional Slap Bands Custom Printed


With a metal coil spring inside, promotional slap bands curl and attach to your wrist. A great branding idea for kids' events a slap band is both a novelty and an effective badge of allegiance and association. Custom slap bands are fun and the spill-over effect which comes from branding these happy little marketing helpers ensures your events and conferences will have an edge of entertainment which can push results beyond the norm. A promotional slap band campaign give you customer appreciation a cheap kids giveaways and can be used effectively at any style of promotion. It's all about getting more from your marketing and the broad appeal of slap bands makes them a one-size-fits-all solution

    Using Promotional Slap Bands in Advertising & Promotions

    Slap bands are products able to appeal to all ages, and these make excellent inexpensive marketing options for brands looking to have some fun while gaining exposure. A branded slap band can often be best appreciated by those in the children’s goods or clothing industries; however any brand can use these pieces appropriately in marketing to their audience due to their classic appeal. For companies large and small, slap bands provide a brand with a way to distribute widely and maximise brand exposure using a promotional item that all budgets can afford. Because these are worn at the wrist, the branding on the items is highly visible, and may be seen by various audiences, allowing these affordable products to pay for themselves quickly in terms of promotion.

    A branded slap band can also be used as a toy product, due to their interesting slap on capabilities, and this can entice child recipients to play with the product while out and about or with friends. When a child, or any recipient, takes their slap band out with them, the brand logo adorning the piece will then be noticeable to all who may surround them, allowing a brand to reach varied audiences far and wide.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Slap bands are often made with either soft plastic or fabric materials, and a metal coil spring inside of the bands gives them the ability to stiffen and then “slap” into a rounded position. These products are manufactured in one size fits all lengths which allows them to fit any sized wrist, and a vast variety of different colours may be chosen from in order to suit a particular brand’s needs. Slap bands with special features, such as reflective strips or neon colours, can also be branded, and these make excellent marketing pieces for those in the sporting goods or athletic industries due to their ability to be easily seen in dark conditions. The entire face of the band will serve as a print area and this is the region reserved for the application of one’s brand design. This large area for printing allows these products to be seen from all angles and distance and provides a way for the branding to always remain at centre stage. Screen printing is often the chosen print method for slap bands, and this gives these products a way to promote a brand in a wide range of crisp colours.

    Promotional Slap Bands Case Study

    A toy store offered children their own branded slap bands during their grand opening event, and parents appreciated the gesture of the gift. Recipients of the bands that day were so pleased with the products that many of them wore out from many weeks of hard use, and parents often inquired about being able to purchase new versions for their kids. After so many inquiries, the brand then decided to offer the slap bands for sale in their location.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Slap bands may be shipped affordably or hand distributed conveniently due to their low weight, packing abilities, and small size.

    Slap Bands
    Minimal Price: $2.50