Promotional Smarties, M&Ms & Chocolate Beans Custom Branded


Promotional smarties win you friends, specially if they have a sweet tooth. Combined with our branded M&M range you can choose from tins, bags, jars, and even buckets filled with these childhood treats that you can personalise with your business logo or information and use for promotional marketing. Some people even like to use this smartie custom packs for their wedding favours which is a great way to make a good impression on your audience. A pack of custom printed smarties or M&Ms is going to get your message noticed or your invoice paid a little faster. Get your name out there and make sure that your customers know who you are and let's face it, anyone can have their image enhanced by being associated with these quality promotional sweets. Pick your colours and flavours, pick the container designs that you like best. Call now and speak with a Fresh Promotions confectionery consultant about the best way to brand and distribute your promotional smarties order

    Using Smarties, M&Ms & Chocolate Beans in Marketing & Promotions

    If a brand is looking for a promotional product which is able to appeal to a vast audience, but still remain affordable, smarties and M&Ms may be just the products they are looking for. These treats are enjoyed globally, which means their fans are limitless, and they can not only help the consumer to remember a brand, but they can also spark that initial interest to come and investigate a brand as well.

    When a company offers a confectionery item that a person recognises and already knows they enjoy, prospective clients are more likely to mosey over and accept a sample or small package for themselves as it takes out the question of the quality or the taste of an edible branded piece. The guaranteed of quality allows the recipient to then simply focus on the company which supplied the treats, as well as their specific branding, inadvertently placing the brand alongside a feeling of joy or pleasure in their mind. Smarties and MMs are also conveniently small confections, and neither will melt in the hand or pocket as a recipient carries their branded packages around, making these products ideal for travel. When a recipient is able to travel with a branded item, they can expose the brand to any number of other individuals, whether friends, relatives, or complete strangers on the street.

    Smarties Manufacture & Branding?

    Smarties are small sugary candies with a subtle fruit like flavour, while M&Ms are made from milk chocolate and a crunchy candy shell, making these two very different promotional confectionery options. The packages holding these treats may be made from a wide array of different materials and crafted into a plethora of unique shapes, giving those who wish to market their brand using these pieces a great deal of options.

    For an inexpensive and budget-friendly option, smarties or M&Ms in a clear plastic bag or pouch make highly effective presentation pieces sure to provide a brand with a great deal of attention for only a small price. These package options are best for brands who wish to reach large numbers of recipients while on a limited budget. If a brand wishes to provide these promotional confections with a lasting impact, a small tin or jar can be included with the smarties or M&Ms to give recipients a little branded token that they can use for storing other small items after the candies have been consumed.

    Case Study

    A corporate office wanted to provide small gifts to employees after a particularly profitable month. Small square glass canisters filled with M&Ms were given to each employee to enjoy and display on their desks, and each recipient was very pleased with the surprise gift. Months later, the branded canisters were still seen adorning desktops around the building as they held small office items like thumbtacks for the bulletin board or paperclips.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Small sized containers of smarties and M&Ms are easy and inexpensive to ship; however this may grow more complicated as the sizes get larger. For large tins or containers of the treats, hand distribution may prove to be more effective.

    Smarties & M&Ms
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