Promotional Nuts, Trail Mix & Snacks Custom Branded


Custom packs of snack foods are great gift items when you are looking for something a little different to the usual promo confectionery fare. Everyone loves food and people love it even more when it's free. Whether you are branding products for the break room or just looking for a way to get people's attention, these health foods have something for everyone. You should check out these for yourself and the rest of the food items that we have for you to customise so that you can get everything that you need for a lot less than you expect. Promotional health foods gifts make great giveaways at outdoor events or just as samples for customers. There are plenty of ways to put custom snack food packs to use in your business. Inexpensive yet popular promotional snack food is a way to make a favourable impression while everyone else is handing out sweets.

    Using Snack Foods in Marketing & Promotions

    People of all diets, ages, genders, and tastes enjoy the occasional snack, so when trying to find a product which can appeal to a wider audience, branded snacks are a valid choice. The branding on any promotional item is best remembered while the item is in use, which is why it is important to choose a practical item for marketing purposes. A fun to use item will be one that remains noticed. People of all audiences will snack periodically throughout the day, allowing branded snacks to offer a great deal in terms of practicality.

    Brands of any type of industry can appreciate branded snacks. From those in hospitality to those in the sporting goods, business can find a promotional snack product perfect for the consumers they are trying to reach. These snacks may be enjoyed in an office setting, while having some downtime during travel, as they wait for a table to be ready at a restaurant, or while walking about an event, giving them ample opportunities to be noticed by recipients and passers-by alike. If attending a conference or a community appreciation event, promotional snacks may even be able to draw in hungry passing guests as they wander around the location enjoying all of the different things to see.

    Manufacture & Branding?

    Branded snacks come in a plethora of different varieties. From fruit snacks to nuts, snacks are all represented in a customisable and brand-able promotional option. For the health conscious, soy chips, rice crackers, wasabi peas, and fruit bars can spread a nutritious message while pleasing recipients with a treat that feels as good to eat as it tastes. Bar mixes are great options for those in the hospitality industry, and these mixes are comprised of several different classic snacks which effortlessly complement one another.

    Trail mixes comprised of nuts, fruits, and occasional candy are perfect for a sweet and salty blend and allow for a comfortable middle ground between healthy and indulgent. Each promotional snack, no matter the variety, is packaged in a convenient single serving bag made of durable plastic. This plastic will not only keep the snacks safe and contained, but fresh and dry as well. It is on this plastic bag that branding is placed. A label sticker can be created using digital printing to display any logo, name, or information and applied to the front of the snack bag itself to guarantee that the brand will be noticed and appreciated as easily as the treats held inside.

    Case Study

    A restaurant decided to offer small bags of bar mix to patrons facing wait for a table in their establishment. When many guests looking at a wait of 15 minutes or more on the weekends would turn way and find a new place to dine, the promotional snack bags helped to entice them to enjoy the bar, the snacks, and the atmosphere while their table was being readied. Not only did sales rise after the snack bags made their appearance, but the wait staff reported receiving higher tips on average as well.

    Shipping & Distribution

    While affordable to ship, some snack bags may risk being crushed during the shipping process, and this can result in unpresentable bags filled with crumbs. For presentation purposes, distributing snack bags by hand is most effective.

    Minimal Price: $1.00