Promotional Socks Custom Woven, Personalised & Printed


It's hard to name somebody who has no need for custom socks with complete logo branding. Of course we could put our heads together and find a few, but let's face it, those individuals are unlikely to be people you're relying on in business. Everyone (almost) needs socks and that's why promotional socks with personalised colour and branding are ideas which have a broad appeal and are likely to see regular use. Rather than being thrown in the bottom draw as is a lot of ill considered promotional sock orders of the past this range which includes custom woven socks, cheap and embroidered sock styles ticks all the business and personal use boxes. Depending on your budget and the plans you have for your promotional activity there's certain to be a style here to suit. Take advantage of our Free Sock Design service and have yours designed and manufactured by the experts. FREECALL 1800 129 999

    using Custom Socks in Marketing & Promotions

    Regardless of age or gender, everyone wears socks, and a creatively branded pair of socks can really help to spruce up an outfit or team uniform. Promotional socks are affordable, effective, and simple to distribute, making them easy to use products in marketing for various types of brands or industries. A promotional pair of socks can be worn out, around the home, or as piece of sporting attire, proving that these items can travel seamlessly from one use into another.

    For those in the sporting goods or fitness industries, socks are an inexpensive promotional product that can provide an effective incentive to consumers. By placing branding on socks, a brand can give their audience a product they are sure to use regularly whether they are in their establishment, such as a gym, or doing activities on their own. When a person removes their shoes or suits up for a big game, their socks are often a very visible part of their overall ensemble. As a person walks shoeless in the home, or plays their sport on the field, the eye of those watching them or interacting with them will be drawn to the area as they move about, allowing an ample opportunity for any branding placed on the items to be noticed.

    Manufacture & Branding

    Promotional branded socks are typically made of a cotton blend that allows them to be both durable and comfortable while remaining easy to wash. Manufacturing socks using this material also gives them a certain breathability factor that helps to keep the feet cool and healthy even during the warmest of days or most strenuous activities.

    Socks can be manufactured to varying lengths, and short, mid-length, or high socks can be branded to create wearable and handy promotional items. Higher, or knee length, socks are best for uniform pieces worn by sports teams, and they can be made in matching prints and colours to match other sportswear pieces. Branding can be placed in various places on promotional socks, and whether a logo is placed simply on an ankle or in an all-over print, the brand always remains visible.

    Custom Socks Case Study

    A team, which was part of a recreational sports league for adults, decided to incorporate matching socks bearing their sponsor and team logos into their uniforms which previously consisted of matching coloured shirts and black shorts. Not only did they find that the socks helped to guard their legs during gameplay, but it gave the team a more unified feeling as their more complete uniforms perfectly matched one another. This unification of the team helped them to work better together which resulted in a prolonged winning streak.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Socks can be shipped or distributed easily by hand, giving brands a great deal of options as far as getting these branded items into the hands of recipients. For presentation, it is often preferred to hand these products out directly to recipients by hand in order to make a more memorable impact with an audience.

    Minimal Price: $12.05