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South Pacific & Pacific Islands Promotional Products Orders and Deliveries

Pacific Region Promotional Products

Famous for the pure white sand beaches, crystal clear lagoons and drinking cocktails 'neath the coconut palms, the South Pacific region is amongst the least densely populated regions on Earth. While this is largely due to the small land areas and the large amount of water between, marketing in the Pacific region is conducted as most activities are conducted in these regions - slowly and with a broad smile. Free gifts of branded promotional items will always be well received on the Pacific islands where areas from New Caledonia to Tahiti continue to live a lifestyle comparable with that enjoyed by generations of ancestors.

Pacific Island Tourism Industries

There are two primary industries which make use of the promotional merchandise in the South Pacific region. First and foremost is tourism which is the predominant income generator of the region. With many islands offering upmarket accommodation. Many visitors to these tourism locations will recall the use of branded items to remind visitors of their stay and to provide unique souvenirs. From bathrobes to water bottles and custom tea and coffee there are multiple ways in which custom branded gear is utilised by the Pacific tourist industry. If your company is looking for a range of items to offer guests and to make things run more smoothly at your venue, email us now - contact@freshpromotions.com.au to speak with an expert on the needs of your region and industry.

Pacific Island Mining Industries

The other major industry in the south pacific is mining with some of the world's richest gold mines being found on volcanic islands. Bougainville and parts of the Solomon islands have some of the richest locations in the world for gold and associated heavy metals and minerals. Many of these mining companies operate in out of the way locations with staff who endure prolonged periods of isolation. Not only does the right branded gift offer them encouragement and motivation it can also make a distinct difference to the comfort they feel in their day to day activities. Travel mugs, umbrellas, fleece jackets and tools are all items which are regularly ordered by these miners and which are eagerly received by their clients and staff.