Promotional Speakers Custom Personalised & Printed


Everyone carries music these days and promotional speakers give you the opportunity to hear it to best effect. There is no problems calling up whatever music you want or storing thousands of tunes on a small MP3 device. The problem arises when you need to play the music, as most of the mobile devices we use these days are not designed to produce the quality of sound obtained from more traditional sources. The promotional mobile phone and computer speakers available here fill this obvious technological gap and ensure you use the functions on your machinery effectively and for maximum pleasure output. If you're handing speakers out you'll discover that you have a whole group of groovy new friends drawn to you by the thoughtfulness of your marketing gift and the clarity of your message. Custom mini speakers? We have them all. FREECALL 1800 129 999 to talk with one of our audio dynamic consultants.

    Using Speakers in Marketing & Communications

    Today’s technology allows any person to become their own DJ, and putting a logo on a portable speaker gives a brand a way to not only get noticed, but be placed in a positive place in the minds of the consumer. These speakers can be used with MP3 players, laptops, and mobile phones to allow a single person or an entire room to enjoy their music with high quality sound. Whether music, news, or a favourite podcast, people listen on their devices almost as much as they work, speak, or otherwise use their personal technology, and this gives these speakers a wide and varied audience to appeal to. In terms of marketing, placing a brand logo or message on a speaker allows a brand to reach a wide audience, and the portability of speakers gives these products the opportunity to branch out into even wider circles as they are used.

    Technology companies, those in the business of entertainment, or simply those who look to provide convenience to their customers can all appreciate using speakers as a mode of marketing their brand. Because these are products that can appeal to so many different individuals, they can be used appropriately in marketing a variety of different brands, and a brand can continue to gain exposure each time their recipient takes their speaker with them to the office or during personal travel.

    Manufacture & Branding Options

    Speakers, no matter the shape or model, are often made of plastics, metals, or a combination of both to ensure high quality sound in any setting. Not only do these materials create great sound, but they also allow these products to be highly durable, which comes in handy when the speakers are taken along during travel. Different speakers can be manufactured to suit specific needs, and iPhone, iPod, and universally compatible speakers can be branded to represent any type of company. The ways in which these products may be branded are as varied as the products themselves, and everything from pad printing to laser engraving can be used to allow a speaker to display a company’s desired logo. Headphones are also available for a type of personal branded speaker, and these are made from strong plastic as well as a faux leather covered foam cushion to keep the products comfortable on the ears during wear.

    Promotional Case Study

    For Record Store Day, a small music shop chose to place themselves ahead of their larger competitors by giving away a branded mini-speaker with purchases of a certain amount or more. The shop not only realised that the promotion had helped to contribute to their most successful Record Store Day in history, but that it had drawn new customers to their shop as well. These new customers were often heard saying that the speakers their friends and relatives had received were what prompted them to further investigate the store for themselves.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Speakers can sometimes be bulky or shaped irregularly, making these items best distributed by hand rather than shipped.

    Minimal Price: $4.00