Advertising Magnets Custom Printed

What's special about a magnet? While physicists are still uncertain of the actual source of the electro magnetic effect you can unite the marketing forces behind your brand by taking advantage of the inherent stickiness of custom printed magnets. Turn the side of your company fleet into mobile billboards, add a specialty printed magnet to the outside of your building and use it to promote special offers or sales events. Wherever there's a metallic space there's an opportunity to use a custom printed magnet to heighten visibility of your organisation.

    Using Specialty Magnets in Marketing & Promotions

    Either die-cut to a custom shape, square or round, any type of specialty advertising magnet can be produced. These days four colour digital printing is standard which provides greater branding flexibility and the opportunity to attract more favourable attention. Utilise the free design service and FreeCall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999 to learn more from a consultant.

    Specialty Magnets Build Brand Awareness

    Magnets are easy and convenient tools to use in marketing, but when a magnet has a special feature or unique design, these can become even more effective in helping to get word of a brand across to desired audiences. Specialty magnets work the same way as an average magnet, except they include a little something extra to allow the magnet to stand out in a crowd, and when they are displayed on a refrigerator or other metal surface, they are guaranteed to garner attention for the brand’s logo or name displayed on the item.

    Specialty magnets may be used by brands in any industry, as all types of desired audiences will be able to appreciate the varied shapes and features available with these promotional items. Those in education may use puzzle shaped magnets to promote learning and logic, while a brand in the pharmaceutical industry could choose a magnet that resembles a capsule to remind recipients of the business they are in; no matter the type of brand, there is a specialty magnet available with the ability to market effectively. Specialty magnets can be distributed easily, and these are products that remain useful in both single gift and gift package situations.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding

    Specialty magnets may be manufactured using either paper or plastic materials, and these products can be designed in a number of ways to suit a desired need. Fully functional magnet puzzles, folding brochure magnets, magnetic word cards, and car magnets are just some of the specialty magnet designs that may be branded in order to market a company effectively. For most designs of specialty magnets, the entire surface of the piece acts as an all over print area reserved or the display of a brand logo or image. By having the face of the magnet act as a print area, recipients and passers-by can see the branding placed on these products easily when being viewed at any angle.

    The most common methods of branding used on specialty magnets are screen printing, offset colour printing, and digital printing, and each option allows for a range of colours to be chosen from when looking to allow branding to stand out. A brand looking to market themselves with these magnets can choose as many colours as they would like in their image designs, and this provides a way for brands to represent themselves in a noticeable fashion on each piece.

    Promotional Activity Case Study

    A publishing company offered branded poet word magnets to clients who contacted the company looking to have their works published. The clients appreciated the personal gesture, and many contacted the publishing company again to further their professional relationship after receiving their magnets.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Specialty magnets may be distributed to far away recipients using various shipping methods, and the low weight of these items allows them to be packaged and sent away affordably. For a personal distribution, giving these to recipients by hand or having them on display for recipients to take as they see fit are also effective methods.

    Speciality Magnets
    Minimal Price: $2.75