Promotional Sports Bags & Duffle Bags Custom Printed Australia


Large volume promotional sports bags are robust and hold everything a sportsperson needs. While there are many people who enjoy sports and play on teams that need a place to keep their stuff a sports bag has uses beyond the locker room. team bags have a lot of uses even if your company doesn't have any involvement in sports or related activities, you can still find great value in a promotional sports bag style for day-to-day use or as a general purpose tote. Our sports bag range is available complete with printing or embroidered branding, ideal for for sports teams, clubs and groups, gyms and recreation facilities or for those who just need a large bag which can hold a ton of gear

    Using Sports Bags in Marketing & Promotions

    Complete with print, promotional sports bags make great gift ideas for employees issued tools, those who have bulky and extensive uniform requirements and any business contact who might want to hit the gym before they punch the clock. Custom sports bags are often sourced by schools and sports equipment companies as you'd recognise whenever an athlete is interviewed on TV arriving at or leaving a venue. You can also give them to your employees as a way of sponsoring an in-house team. Complete with large scale branding a well chosen promotional sports bag will take your logo to the top of the table.

    Guide to Using Promotional Sports Bags in Marketing

    A promotional sports bag can be used as part of a team kit in combination with uniform jerseys, providing uniformity and oneness while travelling to and from matches or games. In non-team sports settings, these bags are also practical for their large size as they are able to carry a multitude of items to and from the gym with ease. The large size also allows for large scale branding to let a team or company name not be missed by all who may see this bag during the course of its travels.

    What Materials are Sports Bags Made From?

    Promotional sports bags are made from synthetic yet durable materials such as nylon, allowing durability. The strength of the material also allows them to withstand outdoor conditions. 2 different artwork options are available for promotional sports bags. A large scale screen printing process is used to place artwork on either side of the bag, while embroidery can be added to place personal or team names on the bags as well.

    How to Use Sports Bags in Personal Marketing

    These bags travel well, which allows them to be great marketing items given at far away conferences or company events. Different bag configurations, such as those intended for upmarket sales, may be used at different events to add to the efficiency of the promotion.

    Those in the entertainment industry may use these bags for convenience as they travel from place to place, while sports clubs may benefit from promoting their brand using these bags as they are ideal for carrying sporting or gym equipment. Those in the mining or construction industry can also use promotional sports bags to carry tools or other work-related parts. A promotional sports bag can be made to suit a custom design need, personal colour preference, or size requirement as needed.

    Promotional Sports Bags Case Study

    A small-time local soccer club was finding it difficult to pull in new recruits for their team, leaving them with less team members than needed or desired. As a promotion, the heads of the team gave branded sports bags to each existing member of the team with a bright coloured team logo print and text saying “ask me about joining my team.” After the course of 6 short months, the bags had attracted enough attention that the club had more players wanting to play than the existing team had room for, which resulted in the starting of new teams fit for different age groups.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Although able to be packed flat, the size of the average promotional sports bag still causes them to be quite bulky. Typically, these items are stored and handed out personally as part of a team kit.

    Sports Bags
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