Sports Stress Balls Custom Printed


In sports mad Australia it's not surprise that sports stress balls are amongst the most popular lines in this class of product. The cost PU foam rubber base from which most styles are manufactured means they can be used like the real thing. For passing around the office, kicking into touch passed the bosses desk or even for an organised match up in the car park, sports themed stress balls have something to entertain every aussie client.

    Using Sports Stress Balls in Marketing & Promotions

    Your company can take advantage of the Australian obsession with watching and participating in sport. No dinkum aussie is going to throw away a footy or a cricket ball branded with your logo. Flick pass your questions with a FreeCall to Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999 where a consultant is waiting to run the length of the field.

    Using Sports Stress Balls to Build Brand Awareness

    Sports stress balls and toys can help recipients to not only remember a brand, but think of them in a relaxing and positive light as well. The purpose of a stress ball or toy is to relieve stress by squeezing the products repeatedly in the hand, and this allows the muscle systems to work in releasing any built up tension that may be present.

    Stress balls and shapes can be used by brands of any industry, but those shaped in sports themes can be best appreciated by those in the athletic industry or those working in sports rehabilitation centres. Because these promote health as well as their desired shape, those working in sports health centres can use these shapes to not only promote health and relieve stress, but to remind recipients of just what business they are in as well. Sports stress balls make excellent desk or shelf pieces, and their eye catching shapes and use of bright colours gives these products the ability to catch the casual eye like no other. As a guest or visitor walks in to an office or home area where one of these stress balls is displayed, their attention will be naturally drawn to the item as well as the branding placed upon it.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Sports stress balls are made from a combination of foam and rubber materials to create the resistance needed to allow them to work effectively in managing physical and mental stress. The colour on the products is applied using non-toxic materials that allow these shapes to be safe for the whole family to use, and they are manufactured to be bright enough to stand out while on display.

    On sports stress balls, the branding area may vary, and this is due to the varied shapes of the pieces. On a ball shape, the branding will typically be placed on the front facing side of the ball to ensure the branding is seen easily, but on a bat shape this print region may go down the barrel of the bat to allow branding to remain visible on this type of style. No matter where the print area is located, these regions are always chosen to ensure maximum visibility. Pad printing is the main print method on sports stress balls and this is due to how well this type of printing appears on the materials used in manufacturing the products.

    Promotional Case Study

    An amateur baseball team used branded stress balls in the shape and design of baseballs to sell in order to raise funds for their upcoming season. The stress balls were affordable and wound up being a big hit during the course of the fundraiser, prompting the team to make these products ones that would appear at their fundraisers yearly.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Distribution by hand can help to create the most effective marketing impact as a personal connection with a brand is better made, however these products can be shipped affordably and conveniently due to their low weight and compressible shape.

    Sports Stress Balls
    Minimal Price: $1.35