Promotional Sports Wristbands Custom Printed


If you're sponsoring an event sports wristbands are a great promotional idea that will make it easy for you to market your business and get more out of your investment. We have a lot of great promotional tools that will help you get everything that you want from your marketing and branding, and a sports wristband is a proven winning investment. Sports bands come in a variety of styles and colours and will give you all the support that you need to promote your business and grow your brand.

    With the growth in national sports teams promotional sports wristbands are extremely popular. You can use them to advertise your sports team, build awareness of your outdoor goods brand, and even market your sporting goods store or company. You have so many different sports wristband style options and using them for promotions is just one place to start. It's going to be up to you to explore all of the different options for customising these sports bands and what they can do for your marketing. Luckily, it's up to you to customise these affordable, durable wristbands and give everyone a fun marketing tool. You can even use these to cheer on your favourite team or help with a fundraiser, and more.

    Guide to Using Sports Wristbands In Promotional Activity

    Sports wristbands may be used by athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and fans alike, and these products can have many assorted uses. Sports wristbands for energy, those to be used to keep sweat at bay, and models made to reflect light for save activity during the night time are all options able to be branded, and a company can truly allow themselves to be seen when they place their logo on one of these products.

    Those in the professional sports industry, the sporting goods industry, or the outdoors industry can all appreciate the use of sports wristbands in marketing. These products can be used by those who watch sports, play sports, or simply live an active lifestyle, and they are made to be worn while out and about participating in various activities.

    Sports wristbands are highly visible and highly affordable promotional product options, and these can pay for themselves in the exposure they are able to achieve. A sport wristband is worn at the wrist and can be seen at all angles while a person jogs, plays their sport, or participates in a plethora of activities, allowing those surrounding them to see the pieces easily as they move about. Because these are also inexpensive, they can be used by brands of all sizes, and a large amount doesn’t need to be spent to achieve the promotion a brand is looking for.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Sports wristbands come in many different styles and varieties, and these can be made from neoprene, assorted fabrics, reflective materials, or silicone. Due to the many uses of these items, a brand can choose the model that best fits the message they are trying to send, and each manufacture material option is reserved for a particular model to allow for optimal functionality.

    Sports wristbands for increase power or balance may also be branded, and these silicone options will include a small magnet or magnets in order to provide the effects they promise

    The band region of a sports wristband will often serve as an all over print area, and this gives these products the ability to be seen from any angle while being worn. Several different print methods may be used to adorn sports wrist bands, and these may vary from screen printing, to pad printing, to embroidery. For plastic or silicone options, pad or screen printing is often used to create full colour branding images on the piece, but embroidery proves to be more lasting on pieces made of assorted fabrics.

    Promotional Case Study

    A sporting goods company offered branded balance wristbands with the purchase of a pair of sneakers during their annual sale, and customers flocked to the store to take part in the promotion. The wrist bands wound up having raving reviews, and the brand soon began placing them in the store for sale.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Branded sports wristbands may be shipped easily if a brand needs to reach a faraway recipient, but these products are often best hand distributed in order to make a personal impact.

    Sports Wristbands
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