Promotional Stickers Custom Printed

Any parent who's had to scrape stickers of the cupboard door or window of a kid's bedroom will know how popular these economical promotional items can be (at least with the person doing the sticking!) A promotional sticker is pure branding, other than your message there isn't much else to it, hence in bang for your buck terms stickers are a winner. Custom printed to any shape or size promotional stickers can be produced on vinyl, uv proof substrates or even old-school paper. Applied to the bumper bar of a car or the side of your building stickers and decals tell the world that you've got something important to say.

    Using Stickers in Marketing & Promotions

    If your company is after a cheap promotional give away which has stood the test of time think about stickers. A huge quantity takes up very little space and the substrate colour and of course the details of the print are fully customisable. If you've got something to say, put it on a sticker and leave it to your target market. Before you know it they'll be popping up everywhere. To learn more about the sizes and styles of promotional stickers available FreeCall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999, just don't ask us to scrape them off the glass!

    Promotional Stickers Get Noticed

    The purpose of a sticker is to be seen, and these affordable promotional product options may be used to adorn windows, automobile bumpers, furniture, office products, laptops, or a vast array of other assorted items. Stickers can appeal to adults as well as children, which allows these pieces to be used in marketing for a variety of different industries. Those in entertainment, education, healthcare, fashion, or any industry can use a sticker to market their brand to potential consumers and clients while getting their message across in an effortless way.

    A sticker could be thought of as a small moving billboard for a brand, and their highly inexpensive price tags give these products a great deal of value. For the single highly affordable price of a sticker, a brand can reach an unlimited number of individuals as their recipient drives in an area, brings their sticker adorned belongings along during travel, or has them on display in a visible location. Promotional stickers may be branded as classically or as creatively as a brand desires, and creative designs will often cause a person to better remember a sticker they saw. Clever sayings and attractive imagery can take a single sticker and use it to make a positive and permanent impression on the minds of an audience.

    Sticker Printing & Manufacture

    Stickers may be manufactured using high gloss paper or vinyl, with vinyl options being the better choice for intended outdoor use. Stickers specially designed to go on automobile bumpers or windows may also be branded, and these allow for a clean application and removal so recipients do not need to worry about ruining their items with any residue left over by the product.

    Stickers attach to desired surfaces using a safe adhesive, and those meant for outdoor use will use an adhesive which is made to be water resistant. A branded sticker may also be made to suit any size or shape request, and this ensures a brand that their imagery will be the central focus of each product. Screen printing is used to brand promotional stickers, and this process allows for unlimited colour choice options. A sticker of a single colour, a few colours, or an entire rainbow of colours can be created to represent a brand in the way they most want to be represented. The entire front of the sticker acts as a print area to provide maximum visibility.

    Promotional Stickers Case Study

    A radio station gave branded bumper stickers away to listeners who followed them on their social media pages. After the stickers had been shipped out and applied, the radio station noticed that their song request calls and social media following increased as others living in the area learned of them through the bumper stickers they so often saw around town.

    Sticker Shipping, Storage & Distribution

    Stickers may be shipped to recipients, hand delivered, or given as part of a larger gift package. For a more personal approach to distribution, giving these items to recipients by hand has been found to create the most positive impact.

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