Promotional Sticky Note Pads & Custom Post It Notes

Combining the obvious utility of a notepad with a line of semi-tac adhesive is something which took the human race centuries to develop. In the short period since that breakthrough post-it notes have become a staple in every office. Post-it notes is a trademark product of the 3M Corporation so our tributes to this original innovation are called Sticky Note Pads for legal reasons. Available in your choice of size, shape and colour, promotional sticky note pads are a way to have your company logo and contact details included in any memo which is passed around a client office.

    Using Sticky Notes & Post It Notes in Marketing & Promotions

    If your planning a conference or looking for a cheap mail out with your branding, custom printed sticky notes have a low profile but a high impact. Printed in one to four colours there's great budget flexibility in choosing your shape and style. FreeCall 1800 129 999 and speak to a Fresh Promotions consultant who will assist you in developing a design for your own promotional sticky notepads.

    Guide to Using Sticky Note Pads In Promotions

    Sticky notes are highly useful items, and these products may be used in a wide variety of settings by a wide variety of people. A sticky note gives a person the opportunity to make notes when they need them, and put them on display in visible locations to help them to remember them throughout the course of their day. Individuals may use sticky notes in the office to remember professional tasks, or in the home to remember to run certain errands or what they may need from a store, and these can even be used in classrooms to help children to keep track of their assignments or schedule. When branding is paced on a sticky note, it can be a particular logo or company name that is put on display right along with the note, thereby allowing a brand to attract just as much attention as the notes themselves.

    Sticky notes can be appreciated for marketing purposes by a multitude of different industries, but the ones that benefit most from the use of these products in marketing are the education industry, office supply industry, or retail industries. While some industries may be able to better appreciate use, any brand can appropriately place their logo or name onto a sticky note pad in order to catch the public eye.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Sticky note pads themselves will commonly be made from high quality paper, and these can even come in recycled or green varieties for brands that place a special interest in spreading an environmentally friendly message. The sticky portion of the sticky note is manufactured using a non-invasive adhesive material that can be peeled off easily from surfaces without leaving any unwanted residue, and this allows for a clean application and removal every time a note is used. Sticky notes may even come with clips, cases, or dispensers, and these can be created from cardboard, wood, plastic, or metal materials.

    The print areas on promotional sticky notes may be located on the pieces themselves, or on the front of the casing that contains them. This area is reserved for the pad printing of branded artwork, and these regions are chosen on the products to provide optimal visibility. The most common method of branding on sticky note products is pad printing, and this gives a brand a way to display their artwork in whichever colour they may see fit.

    Promotional Case Study

    A corporate office provided sticky notes to their employees to allow better organisation to take place during work hours. Employees appreciated the sticky notes, and they found that having them available helped them to keep track of all of their daily tasks, which resulted in an increase of productivity.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Sticky note pads are small, and since they are made primarily of paper, they also remain lightweight. The average set of branded sticky note pads can be packaged and shipped easily to recipients no matter their distance, but if a larger impact is required, hand distribution may be the more effective method.

    Sticky Note Pads
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