Straw Hats Custom Logo Personalised


For serious business and for fun promotional straw hats offer classic sun protection. With a range of classic straw hat styles available with custom branding there's a hat style which will either set off your staff uniforms or create the right mood at an end of year event or trade show. Made from renewable materials the straw hat range is cool and comfortable and will protect lucky wearers while all the time making a fashion statement.

    Using Promotional Straw Hats in Marketing & Promotions

    The range of promotional straw hats includes classic styles like the fedora. Most of the range comes complete with a contrasting coloured hat band which carries your custom branding. Cheap straw hats are a great crowd pleaser if you're conducting a summer festival or are involved in an outdoor sponsorship. The occasion isn't important as experience shows if you hand over a promotional straw hat to anyone it's going to be used and appreciated. Straw hats are a lot of fun and a cheap way to make a big splash under the Aussie sun

    Straw Hats
    Minimal Price: $17.90