Promotional Stress Balls & Stress Shapes Custom Print Branded


If you're looking for promotional stress balls to deliver a message you'll find them right here. With hundreds of different stress you styles the range of stress reliever products on offer covers every industry segment and professional category. For many products and industries a specific promotional item which has meaning and appeal is difficult to find. Stress balls are available in so many configurations that there is guaranteed to be a type of ball which is suitable for every industry application.

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    Using Stress Balls in Marketing & Promotions

    Not only are stress toys are fun, these squishy branded items that have a place in any office. Stressful situations are inevitable in business, so the gift of a custom stress ball allows your client you something on which to vent frustrations, keep a cool, calm front for co-workers and clients. Choosing promotional stress balls which are well made and amusing is also offering a mini statue or model which will most likely find its place on a desk or in another prominent position. Even those who don't work in a traditional office can keep their stress toy in hand for those anxiety-filled moments on the daily commute, in a long line at the grocery store, or at home with rambunctious kids.

    Having custom stress balls made in the shape of a favourite product or logo combines the advantages of creating a tangible 3D version of your intellectual property which still provides stress relief. Stress toys can be taken home to the kids, or played with by pets, all the time building the impression people have of your organisation. Take the tension and stress out of your marketing, for you and your clients using custom stress shapes and watch your blood pressure goes down as sales go up.

    Promotional Stress Balls Add Value to Your Brand

    Fresh Promotions has printed stress balls in every imaginable shape, colour, and design. We have hundreds of options for you to explore. You don't have to settle for a traditional solid coloured ball. You can choose a shape that clearly reflects your business. For orders of 3,000 or more, we will even produce a custom shape just for your company. If you're looking for custom stress balls that are completely unique, this is the way to go. We can turn your company mascot or logo into its own personalised stress ball. Your order of 3,000 or more is sure to fly off the table with a fun eye-catching design.

    If you prefer to use one of our standard shapes, you will still have hundreds of branded stress balls to choose from. If you're targeting children or animal lovers, we have dogs, cats, fish, koalas, bears, mice, tigers, and so much more. Seashell or starfish stress balls are great for encouraging stressed out employees to think of your beach rentals when they need a break. If you're in the food and beverage industry, drive customers to your location with promotional stress balls shape like a potato, doughnut, hamburger, or pizza. Our industry related stress balls cover everything from finance to medicine.

    If you're looking for cheap stress balls that offer extra features, we have great options for that. Many of our stress balls have photo clips on top so they can be used as decorative stands for note cards, pictures, or coupons. Hand these products out with your business card clipped on top. Stress ball key rings are another popular choice. These are great for customers who are always on the move. The keyring is always there on hand for a quick squeeze. Mounting your stress ball on a keyring also helps to ensure that it won't get lost. Our gel stress balls are another unique option. These are softer than other options and provide an especially satisfying squish.

    If you want to be certain that your stress ball won't get lost in a drawer, add some special stress ball stands to your order. This simple little accessory is perfect for keeping your promotional stress balls front and centre. You can hand them out with your stress toys for the customer to use, or simply keep a few on your trade show table so you can easily display the options with your promotional stress balls. These simple stands are that perfect finishing touch when you're using branded stress balls as part of your marketing strategy. You won't have any runaway balls rolling off the table with this accessory.

    All of our personalised stress balls are available with your promotional print on them. Colour pad printing ensures that your image shows up in great detail. You can choose one simple contrasting colour on your stress ball, or opt for multiple colours. Our sales staff will be happy to help you compare the different printing prices and choose the option that's best for your individual logo or image. Keep in mind that orders over 3,000 are also eligible for completely custom shapes. We have the tools and knowledge to turn any character into an engaging stress toy for your customers.

    Stress Balls
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