Animal & Mascot Stress Balls Custom Printed


If you have a mascot, a logo or even a critter around the office using one of our range of promotional animal stress balls is a great way to win friends and influence people. Most of the range come direct from the USA and are complete with great quality printing of your logo. Animal stress toys have the advantage of not only representing your company and your products or services, but who doesn't love a pony or a puppy? The range of animal stress ball styles available here covers all bases and if you can't see what you're after we can get it made as a custom animal stress ball.

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    Using Stress Animals & Mascots in Marketing & Promotions

    If you'd like to know more about the great range of promotional animal stress toys and shapes available Freecall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999 to find out about the branding and marketing opportunities available.

    Guide to Using Animal Stress Balls to Build Brand Awareness

    Stress balls and shapes make excellent display pieces, and when their look is able to relate to a brand, they can make excellent promotional tools as well. Stress shapes shaped like animals and mascots can represent a vast array of different industries, from agriculture to entertainment, and these highly usable items are created in a way that allows them to catch the eye with ease. When a recipient receives a branded animal or mascot stress shape, they will often display these pieces on a desk, table top, or shelf setting while not in use. Because these products have such fun shapes, the eye will be attracted to them naturally, thereby getting the brand noticed one visitor at a time.

    For use, stress shapes help to relieve stress when squeezed throughout the day, and these pieces can also help to relieve the physical stresses placed on hands through working different muscle systems. When an animal or mascot stress shape is branded and used, the user can then associate the brand with the stress free and relieving feeling they were able to achieve from the toy, thereby placing them into a positive spot in their minds. Animal and mascot stress toys are highly affordable items, and these are products within reach of any sized brand. Whether a personal or widespread distribution is desired, brands big and small can afford to market themselves using one of these products.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Animal and mascot stress shapes are commonly made from a soft foam just firm enough to work the muscles gently during use, and they may be crafted into any animal or mascot shape. The paint used to colour the products is non-toxic, and this helps to allow these stress shapes to appeal to a multitude of different types of consumers.

    Branding may be placed on the front, top, or side of an animal or mascot stress shape, and this area is determined by which region is most visible on the product. The print area reserved for branding is always located in the shape’s most visible location, and this allows these products to market for a brand effortlessly. Pad printing is used to place branding on an animal or mascot stress toy, and this method allows a brad to choose any single colour they may like for the printing of their logo or company name.

    Promotional Case Study

    A zoo handed guests their own branded animal stress toy, and these animals ranged from sharks and pigs to penguins and bears. Children and adults like appreciated the toys, and they could be seen being carried in the zoo all throughout the day. After many inquiries about the next stress toy promotion, the zoo decided to begin selling the products in their gift shops, and this was met with great success.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Stress toys can be packaged easily and shipped inexpensively across Australia or the world. For a personal connection with a recipient, however, these are best handed out personally.

    Animals & Mascots
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