Stubby Coolers & Holders Custom Printed

Do your bit for global warming with promotional stubby coolers.There's a huge range of different drink coolers available here, one for every situation and beverage pack type. In the States these humble drink holders are called "coozies" but nowhere in the world is the need for keeping drinks cold in a harsh environment more pronounced than in Australia. Printed stubby coolers are made from a range of different materials from neoprene or wetsuit material, through to stainless steel models which are ideal for engineering firms and mining companies. Coolers are all supplied with custom printing or engraving of your of your artwork in a wide range of colours so it's a certainty you'll find your perfect match

    Using Stubby Coolers in Marketing & Promotions

    Because so many people already own a range of beer coolers a great way to get attention is to seek out a novel drink holder style. The fact it's different will get attention and use and give your cooler offering a change to supplant another on the shelf. Having your brand message associated with a custom cooler which brings pleasure and relief from the elements is a great way to build positive consumer perception.

    Why Promotional Stubby Coolers Return on Investment

    You never thought the simple stubby cooler came in so many varieties until you have a good look at the array we have lined up for you here. For tall or short bottles, for cans and water bottles, also with zippers or straps, and in a range of great colours, there is sure to be a stubby holder or cooler to suit your needs and the needs of your clients.

    There are a number of materials from which coolers are manufactured, generally these materials are selected on the basis of their insulating properties. Neoprene is one of the most favoured materials, being the same stuff used to make divers' wetsuits and famed for its insulating properties. The advantages you have with a wetsuit cooler is that it's soft and easy to pack, a great branding medium while also being a highly effective way to insulate your foaming beverage from the ravages of the southern light. Either sen or glued to produce a solid and hard wearing final cooler design, neoprene is stitched with overlocking top and bottom on many styles. On insulated coolers designed to hold long-neck bottles or soft drinks a zip is sometimes added to ensure the best level of all-over insulation. BHigh insulating and long lasting, neoprene can also be printed with full colour digital branding to ensuing your logo is displayed with optimum clarity and vibrancy.

    For a promotional stubby cooler with a difference stainless steel coolers are a popular choice with the construction, mining and engineering industries. A cooler made of spun stainless steel can hold either 375ml bottles or cans in its die-cut black foam insulating insert. These steel coolers have a brushed metal finish and can be branded with either pad printing or long-lasting laser engraving.

    For convenience and portability, there is a range of foam can coolers which fold flat and slide into a pocket, glovebox or similar storage area. As a beverage gift, this style is hard to beat. Made in 3 mm neoprene, these handy and economical coolers are available in a choice of many great colours including as black, royal, dark green, plum, and lavender, your clients will be thrilled to receive this excellent promotional giveaway. On the other hand, if you're looking for a stubby cooler which is a bit of fun as well as doing the job of keeping the drinks cold something like the Bikini Stubby Cooler is an option which will make you the life of the party.

    Stubby Coolers Hold Cans & Bottles!

    For the individualists among us who like to drink from an assortment of glass or bottle sizes one solution is a wrap-around insulated cooler which is secured with a velcro strap and can fit any sizes bottle or can which is available in 5 base colours. It doesn't matter whether you drink water or spirits, the effectiveness of these convenient coolers is not reduced by the shape or design

    Australia is a land of climatic extremes and it's no surprise then that the business people of the country are continually involved in a bater to outstay the ever changing climate. Most companies in Australia have at some stage purchased customised stubby coolers both as an aid to staff and as a much appreciated promotional gift they can offer to clients and contacts as a way of showing they understand the importance of a cool drink on a hot day at work.

    Stubby Coolers
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