Promotional Stylus Pens Custom Printed


With smart phone and tablet sales expanding our novel range of promotional stylus pens is a natural promotional idea to offer your clients. One of a novel new range of specially adapted stylus pens all ideally suited for use with touch screen mobile technology. These modern styles have a soft stylus fitting which mimics the touch and feel of the end of your finger on a smartphone screen. You get full access to messaging and wireless data manipulation with improved accuracy and speed which come from the use of the specially adapted stylus. Of course, it goes without saying that having a smooth writing ballpoint pen at the other end of each is an added bonus so you have both ends of the technology spectrum covered.

    Using Stylus Pens in Marketing & Promotions

    From cheap stylus pens through to metal gift models provided with engraving this range of mobile messaging options are all shipped direct from the USA with vivi, full colour printing. A promotional merchandise idea which will find favour with your clients. nearly everyone at Fresh Promotions is using a stylus pen after the new product samples arrived from the USA.

    Stylus Pens - All Bases Covered

    With the world moving further and further into touchscreen technology, a stylus pen can really help to make the transition much easier. These pens are made to mimic the touch of a finger, yet they have the much smaller size of a pen point, allowing recipients to manoeuvre their touchscreen phones, tablets, and other devices far more efficiently. Because so much of this technology is made to be portable, these stylus pens can be used while a recipient is on the go, allowing others to see and remember any branding which may be placed on the stylus as they are used.

    The use of marketed stylus pens can be appreciated particularly by technology brands, as this can provide a marketed item sure to please their specific audience. These pens are made to make tech life easier, and any consumer who appreciates the ease and portability of modern technological devices can also appreciate a high-quality stylus pen which can make their use of these devices far more convenient. A stylus pen can be used in a professional office or during personal time, giving these products a way to travel seamlessly from location to location. As the pen travels, others will be able to become familiar with a particular brand as they notice the stylus being used in a variety of different settings.

    Manufacture & Branding

    Branded stylus pens can come in a multitude of different styles, colours, and materials depending on a brand’s budget and personal marketing preferences. For a higher end option, brass and other metal finishes are available with branding in the form of laser engraving. These stylus pens are made of sturdy materials, and the laser engraving gives the brand message a way to be seen for the entire duration of the pen’s life. While the metal finishes have a metallic look, stylus pens of this kind can come in any colour a brand may desire.

    As a more affordable option, plastic or similar material stylus pens can also be chosen with pad printing for the logo or brand message used for marketing. These pens are more inexpensive when compared to those of the metal variety, however they are equally as usable with just as many options in terms of branding, colour choice, and function. Some stylus pens will even come with rubber grips to allow them to be held more easily and comfortably in the hand of the recipient.

    Stylus Pens Promotional Case Study

    At a recent tech conference, a mobile phone brand was looking for ways to stand out amongst the many similar brands that would also be in attendance. They decided to give out branded stylus pens to all who stopped by their booth to drum up excitement about their brand to all of the technology savvy individuals in attendance. After their first hour, they noticed more and more interested visitors stopping by their set-up, all stating that their interest came from the stylus pens they saw other attendees carrying.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Stylus pens are exceptionally small, making them affordable to ship across Australia or worldwide. They are also easy to carry when distributing by hand at a variety of different events.

    Stylus Pens
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