Promotional Sunscreen Custom Logo Branded

In the Great Australian Outdoors promotional sunscreen is a must have for event and sports sponsorship organisers. Sunscreen is one of those promotional product ideas that everyone needs. From small branded single-use personal sachets of 30+ sunblock through to larger dispenser packs which will serve the whole team or assembled masses, there is a sunscreen style available here with custom branding to match. These days it's more than just a polite thing to do to offer sun protection, it can be seen as a legal requirement. Offering your clients and staff a branded container of promotional sunscreen will meet your obligations and enhance your relationships

    Using Sunscreen in Marketing & Promotions

    Branded sunscreen is great for promotional marketing in the hot, dry land down under. Your clients and those attending your next event will thank you for your insight and your brand will forever be associated with the benefits which flow from handing out this simple but proven sun-protective cream at your next sponsorship. As always, a Fresh Promotions consultant is here to guide you through the steps involved in ordering, branding and applying promotional sunscreen to your marketing and the exposed skin of clients and contacts.

    Using Promotional Sunscreen In Company Marketing

    Sunscreen has become a very important item kept in handbags, backpacks, cars, and homes all across the globe. With the plethora of new information coming to light daily about the skin’s dangerous reaction to UV rays, many individuals feel they cannot afford to go without at least a small bit of sunscreen anytime they enjoy the outdoors no matter the time of year. With an item so widely used, taken along during travel, and often necessary, applying branding can really get a company’s message across while providing recipients with something they truly need.

    When a brand chooses to market to the public using sunscreen, not only are they gifting something useful to recipients, but they are showing how much they care as well, and this places their names into a very positive light with the consumer. A brand who cares will be a brand that a person is more likely to do business with, and showing this care is easy when marketing using sunscreen products. Those in the healthcare field, to those who sell sporting goods, can all appreciate marketing with sunscreen. Because sunscreen is used by such a vast amount of diverse individuals, various types of brands are able to reach the audiences they want to reach using these handy products.

    Manufacture & Branding?

    Sunscreen can be kept in a variety of different bottles, and the sizes and SPFs available with vary just as greatly as the bottle types themselves. Sunscreen sticks are one type that provides an optimal level of convenience, as they are able to be applied without the mess of a thinner texture. These sunscreens may be applied much like a tube of lip balm for the skin, giving recipients a way to apply quickly and go on with their day. Another manufacture method that offers optimal convenience is sunscreen wipes, and these are wipes pre-loaded with sunscreen that may be brushed over the skin and disposed of easy for fast protection.

    Squeezable sunscreen bottles or sunscreen sprays are two classic options that provide all of the convenience of easy to use sunscreen with the benefit of being able to see and feel if the sunscreen has been applied evenly. Pad printing places a brand’s name, logo, or other image onto each sunscreen product, no matter which variety is chosen. This method allows a brand to choose any 1 or more colours they wish to represent their brand in noticeable bright colour.

    Promotional Usage Case Study

    A sports club began offering branded bottles of sunscreen in their locker rooms for athletes and members to use before using their outdoor facilities. While many members were not regular users of sunscreen previously, the availability of the sunscreen turned them into regular users, and the bottle soon became a popular perk of membership which set them aside from other clubs in the area.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Because some sunscreens can be messy, those which are thinner or more liquid in consistency are best hand distributed to avoid any damage that may occur during shipping.

    Minimal Price: $2.40