Promotional Supporters' Gear Custom Printed


If your organisation is sponsoring a sports team or is associated with a major marketing franchise, arming your supporters with promotional supporters accessories is a proven way to enhance the visibility of your involvement. How many times have you been watching the football and seen a colourful group of spectators waving, cheering and chanting? Not only are television cameras attracted to the colour and movement other spectators can't help but watch and the team they support gets energy from the off field antics.

    Using Supporters Gear in Marketing & Promotions

    It's a matter of supporting the team but it's also about creating fun in the stands and letting everybody know whose side you are on. Many companies sponsor a local sports team or club and it may appear on the surface to be an act of love rather than a rational business decision. It's always good to engage the community and every business should attempt to do so, and on a more mercenary level a slight extension in budget to include branded supporters gear can be the difference between high visibility of your involvement and none at all. If you're wanting to take advantage of your team sponsorships FreeCall 1800 129 999 and speak with a Fresh Promotions consultant.

    Using Supporters' Gear to Promote Your Brand

    Whether professional or just for fun, no sporting event is complete without supporters, and no supporters can have their fill of a good time without some supporters gear. Supporters gear encompasses many different products, and this category is one filled with versatility. Branded sports gear is gear that will be seen while at a professional or amateur game, and all fans in the supporting area will be able to see the branding placed on these items.

    Megaphones, banners, foam fingers, noisemakers, and flags are just some of the supporters gear products able to be branded, and these can be used appropriately by brands in many different industries. While sports teams can most appreciate the use of branded supporters gear, their sponsors can find a great deal of use in these items as well when it comes to marketing, and this can help these brands to get their names to the public in a very effective way. Sports gear is made to attract attention, whether branded or not, because it is to be used to rile up support for athletes. Whether the products make noise, are brightly coloured, or simple serve as display pieces, placing a company logo or brand name on a piece of supporters gear is a way to ensure a brand is noticed.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Because supporters gear encompasses so many different products, the materials used in creating these pieces will vary. Materials such as foam, glossy paper, plastic, metal, and fabric may be used to create supporters gear, and many of these options remain affordable. Each piece of supporters gear will have a print area, and it is within this print area that company branding will be placed. Because this category of items is so varied, the print areas on the pieces will be varied as well, but these are always locations on an item strategically chosen to guarantee they are seen.

    Pad printing, screen printing, full colour digital printing, embroidery, or laser engraving may be used to create brand images or logos, and the material of a product and its print area will determine which option is most appropriate. Some print methods will work better with certain materials, and the best print method is always chosen to ensure the branding is able to stand out effectively on the product it is placed on.

    Promotional Case Study

    A professional rugby team gifted their supporters with branded seat cushions as part of a game promotion, and all ticket holders to the game were given a cushion as they walked through the gates. The cushions helped to make the seats in the stadium much more comfortable, and the tops of the pieces were branded with the team’s logo to create a product supporters would be proud to display. For months after the game, these cushions could be seen being carried into both home and away games as fans brought them proudly to each match.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Pieces of supporters gear that are small or light may be packaged with convenience and shipped affordably, however larger pieces are better left for hand distribution.

    Supporters Gear
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