Promotional Tea Bags & Coffee Sachets Custom Printed


Coffee is a great corporate branding tool. So many people drink coffee and they love little gift sets like the ones that we have in stock, which gives you plenty of reason to consider investing in them for yourself. You can find a lot of different products to put your logo or company name on and keep in the break room, hand out to customers, and even give as gifts from time to time. Coffee is a staple for a lot of companies and customising it can be great for unique supplies or even to offer a different type of promotion for your business.

    Using Coffee & Tea in Marketing & Promotions

    Sometimes it's best to stick to basics like these custom coffee products. Feel free to check them out for your insurance company, corporate office, restaurant and bar, or other business where you might need a different way to reach your audience. The coffee products we have in stock will make sure that your business always has the promotional tools or gifts that it needs. Coffee is a must have in many businesses and there is no gift in this inventory that won't be appreciated.

    Promotional Tea & Coffee Tick All The Boxes

    Whether for breakfast, to complement a dessert, or as a mid-afternoon pick up, tea and coffee are highly appreciated items all around the globe. When looking to brand a particularly attractive item, and reach many different groups of individuals, coffee and tea are two products that can cross many demographics and get a brand’s name out into the minds of the consumer in a highly positive way.

    While those in hospitality can appreciate branded coffee or tea products, those in the travel industry can benefit from marketing with these items as well. When people travel, either personally or professionally, they will often have gruelling schedules in order to reach their destination, and these types of beverages can send a caring and thoughtful message sure to make the type of impact that travel brands want in the minds of their consumers. Coffee and tea are highly sharable items, and individuals will often have guests over simply to catch up and enjoy these beverages together. When branded coffees and teas are shared, the logo or company name located on the products can be seen by not only their recipients, but their guests as well.

    Manufacture & Branding

    Gourmet coffees, tea bags, and beverage accessories may be branded to create a single stand out promotional piece or an entire themed gift package. Promotional coffee may come pre-ground or in whole bean form to allow recipients the perfect convenient brew each time they reach to use their branded gift. Because beans grown in different locations will have different flavour notes, various bean varieties are available to suit any brand’s particular taste or need.

    Promotional boxed teas or tea sets may be customised to represent a particular brand as well, and these teas are just as varied as coffee. Green teas, black teas, white teas, and decaffeinated teas are able to be branded, and this make easy work of creating a multi-piece branded tea gift. Tea infusers and coffee plungers may also be branded, and these can help to make a coffee or tea experience even more enjoyable. Coffee plungers and tea infusers are manufactured using stainless steel, glass, or a combination of the materials, and this gives them a way to function easily through long life spans. A laser engraving or pad printing process is used to place branding within the optimally visible print areas on these products.

    Branded Tea & Coffee Case Study

    A hotel chain placed branded coffees and teas in each room for guests to enjoy during their stay. Guests loved the gesture, and because the products were complimentary, they would often take them along during check-out to enjoy while at home with their family and friends. The chain realised how much exposure this practice was generating for their brand, and decided to include even larger sets for premium room bookings.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Coffees and teas are able to be shipped affordably and conveniently, but some accessories may prove too fragile or heavy to ship to recipients in an inexpensive and safe fashion.

    Tea & Coffee
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