Tea Towels Custom Printed With Your Design


For charities, primary schools and kindergartens custom printed tea towels have become a recognised fundraising option. the extensive range available includes budget options made of plain cotton with a simple screen print through to jacquard woven custom designs. One thing common to all products is quality, value for money and the large branding area which permits high visibility wherever they're used. Every kitchen needs a tea towel and the custom range offered here includes every style available

    Using Tea Towels in Marketing & Promotions

    For kitchen ware companies or anyone whose products are associated with products or food production a promotional tea towel is a natural fit. think in your own kitchen about the prominent position a tea towel holds, either hanging from the oven door or from a specially placed hook. Highly visible, useful and available in a wide range of budget and branding options promotional tea towels are a proven way to deliver a practical item with broad market appeal. To get the complete wash up on custom printed tea towels ask a Fresh Promotions consultants for a full rundown on the options available.

    Why Use Tea Towels In Promotional Marketing?

    Tea towels have both practical and decorative uses, and these products are able to proudly display branding in a fashionable and practical way. Tea towels are smaller towels that may be used to spruce up a table setting, and when branded, a company's message can be displayed in a very visible location. When a guest sits down to a meal, their eyes will typically be drawn to the place setting in front of them, and a custom branded tea towel could be just the item to place a particular brand deeply in their mind.

    Those in the hospitality industry can use tea towels to create a professional and aesthetically pleasing environment in their restaurants, cafes, and eateries; allowing them to market their brand while also improving the overall look of their establishment. Or, if an executive luncheon is being held, branded tea towels that represent the particular company can help to better create an impressive atmosphere. Promotional tea towels are very affordable, and they are able to provide a great deal of exposure for an inexpensive price. Inexpensive promotional products that remain highly visible, like tea towels, will often give a brand the biggest impact for their marketing dollar.

    Manufacture & Branding Tea Towels

    Cotton, jacquard, and mixed fabrics can be used to create a branded tea towel, and different material options are available to cater to different price points. Cotton tea towels are often the most affordable options, and these are both washable and long-lasting to provide many years of use. Screen printing is used to place branding on these items, and this can allow a brand to use the entire surface of the towel as their own print area. Within this print area, a custom design or message can be placed onto the towel to allow the brand to stand out on each piece.

    Jacquard tea towels provide an appropriate premium or executive option, and branding is woven into these towels to create a completely branded piece. Rather than placing the brand's logo onto the towel, the desired image actually makes up the towel, and these may be customised as far as a company may deem fit. Full colour digital print is another branding option that may be used with tea towels, and this type of branding creates a high quality and highly saturated coloured image to place onto each item. Digital printing allows for sharp imagery sure to catch the eye of those who encounter it.

    Printed Tea Towels Case Study

    A restaurant noticed that they had some less than favourable reviews regarding their decor when reading customer surveys. Deciding the restaurant needed a style overhaul, the establishment incorporated branded tea towels into their newly renovated dining room in an effort to create a more elegant atmosphere. Reviews from guests were soaring after the style change, and many guests appreciated the use of the tea towels and their professional appearance.

    Tea Towel Shipping & Distribution

    Branded tea towels are small and light items, making them easy to ship vast distances should this distribution method be chosen. For a more personal appeal, hand distribution may be desired to make a more personal connection with recipients.

    Tea Towels
    Minimal Price: $3.75