Promotional Temporary Tattoos Custom Printed

There's no doubt the tattoo craze is here to stay, well until they work out a better way to remove them! Avoid regret by using our promotional tattoos which can be removed within a couple of days just using warm water and soap. What better endorsement of your brand than for one of your customers to have it close to their skin. As a cheap promotional item to hand out at events or as a way to keep kids occupied and entertained, custom printed temporary tattoos are a success story your company should be part of.

    Using Temporary Tattoos In Marketing & Promotions

    There are no limits to the colour or sizes for removable tattoos. As a way to show your allegiance to a sports team or even our nation a tattoo is a cost effective way to entertain and engage and bring a group of people into a common focus. Easy to store and produce and last for years, temporary tattoos are a great standby product which can be pulled out of the bottom drawer at the last moment whenever someone needs entertainment or diversion. If you want the lowdown on getting your logo temporary inked FreeCall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999 and speak with a personal branding expert.

    Temporary tattoos can use the body to promote any type of brand, and children as well as adults can use these items to decorate their bodies safely. Temporary tattoos are applied by placing the product onto the skin and allowing the image to transfer using moisture, and they can be removed easily by a washing with soap and water, allowing any recipient to use these products with no fear of harm or damage to the skin. Those in entertainment, fashion, or sports can market their brand appropriately using temporary tattoos; however these can reach an unlimited market with the right creative designs.

    A temporary tattoo may be worn during play for children, or to show pride in a team or company as an adult, and these perfectly safe items may be used by all types of individuals. Their ease in application and removal also allows a person to wear the product one day, and wash it off the next if they should choose, so a recipient never needs to worry about wearing their temporary tattoo inappropriately. A brand distributing materials at a conference or large event can even adorn their attending employees with branded temporary tattoos in an effort to make these individuals noticeable as part of their brand should customers have an interest in learning more. Branded temporary tattoos are also highly affordable promotional items, and a brand can create a great deal of exposure using one inexpensive product when choosing to market with these.

    Temporary Tattoo Manufacture

    Temporary tattoos are manufactured using skin safe ink and a paper backing to allow for easy and safe application, and these may come in a wide array of different sizes, styles, or colours. Custom temporary tattoos can even be designed to turn a company’s logo or message into the tattoo itself, and this is often desired when a brand wants to make their logo as noticeable as possible.

    A custom temporary tattoo can be made with any number of colours, and the design options are truly limitless when it comes to how a brand may wish to be represented. Temporary tattoos of set designs are also available for a specific brand need. Large tattoos, small tattoos, and arm band pieces can be made using custom imagery and brand messaging, and any company can have their choice regarding how they wish to be represented on their recipients. Both screen printing and pad printing may be used to create these branded promotional products, and these methods allow for designs that transfer in full colour.

    Removable Tattoos Case Study

    A sports team offered custom branded temporary tattoos with the face of their mascot on them in merchandise shops around their stadium. These inexpensive souvenir pieces could be enjoyed at home or at the game, and their debut on bodies in the stadium began to occur almost as soon as they hit the store shelves.

    Tattoo Shipping, Storage & Distribution

    Branded temporary tattoos may be shipped, but special attention should be paid to the items to ensure they are kept dry until they reach their destination. For a more personal approach, hand distribution may be desired.

    Temporary Tattoos
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