Promotional Tools & Tool Kits With Custom Personalised Print

Add Your Logo To This Proven Range of Promotional Tools and Toolkits

With so many different branding ideas choosing promotional toolkits is a way to make sure you have an item which is widely appreciated. Not just for construction businesses or engineering companies, any marketing business can get creative and customise our range of promotional tools for general response advertising, employee or customer appreciation. Custom office tool kits are a great choice because they give people something that they will actually hold onto waiting for the fateful day when a repair or alteration is required. Unlike promotional tool kits some branded items have a moment in the sun and are shortly after discarded. That's not the case with a tool kit or any handy item like a hand tool which has genuine value beyond its momentary novelty

    Why Use Promotional Tools & Toolkits In Marketing?

    Whether in a professional setting, or around the home, tools are always useful items as homeowners and professionals never know when something may need repair in their personal or professional spaces. Placing branding on tools is one way that a brand can market their company using items sure to be used, paving the way for maximum exposure using branded products. Each time a promotional branded tool is used, the name or logo of a company will be visible and noticeable on the item, allowing the user to remember the brand.

    Branded tools also gives a company a way to show their customers how much they care, as these tools are used to allow for convenient repairs or work on projects. Hardware companies, those in the construction business, or those in the tech industry can particularly benefit from the use of branded tools, as these items will be able to reach their targeted demographic of consumers. Inexpensive and high end tools are able to be branded, and a company has their choice of how simple or intricate they want their promotional products to be. For executive gifts, entire branded tool sets are available to achieve a maximum impact using these products. Promotional tools may also be used by professionals, and construction, carpentry, or hardware companies can provide these tools to employees in order to show pride in their brand.

    Manufacture & Branding

    While branded tools may be made from a vast array of different materials, metals such as aluminium or steel are the most commonly found in this category. Metal tools are often the sturdiest, safest, and most durable tools, allowing a branded item a way to serve its purpose for many years. Tools such as tape measures, box cutters, screwdrivers, or multi tools can be branded to represent a particular company, and entire tool kits are available if a corporate or executive gift is desired. Laser engraving can be used to place branding on a promotional tool, and this method allows for a sleek and elegant branded appeal. Laser engraving uses lasers to etch the name or logo of a brand into the metal surface of a tool, giving a brand a way to not only appeal to the consumer aesthetically, but allow their brand to thrive on the item as well.

    Pad printing is another commonly used printing method on promotional tools, and this gives a company the opportunity to brand their desired tool in colour. Pad printing using a single colour or multiple colours may be used to represent a brand exactly how they wish to be represented.

    Promotional Case Study

    A hardware brand began offering branded tape measures with the purchase of lumber as part of a spring building promotion, and they soon found that their sales of wood were at the highest they have been in years. As more customers learned of the promotion they began coming to the store for all of their lumber needs, and the brand had to reorder the tools twice before the promotion ended in order to keep up with demand.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Small branded tools, and those made of less heavy materials, may be able to be shipped affordably to recipients; however hand distribution is recommended for larger items.

    Minimal Price: $2.00