Promotional Torch Keyrings Custom Printed


How many times have you been caught at the front door searching about for a key and when you find it you have trouble finding the keyhole? You're not Robinson Crusoe on this one! Torch keyrings provide security for your keyrings and a convenient one hand operated light source to make it easier to enter any door in an organised manner. Light keyrings all come complete with batteries so nothing's required from you in delivering a useful custom gift to your clients. Flashlight keyrings go beyond simply being a personal light source for emergencies, most models are equipped with clear LED light diode which produces a beam much like sunlight in composition while using the minimum amount of energy and thus preserving battery life. If you'd like further illumination on the range of torch keyrings available FreeCall Fresh Promotions 1800 129 999 and speak to an enlightened consultant.

    Using Torch Keyrings in Marketing & Promotions

    A torch is a useful item to have around, and these can often be found in homes, cars, and workplaces in Australia and all over the world. When a torch is placed on a keyring, it allows a person to have light with them wherever they may require it, and this provides an element of safety most audiences can greatly appreciate. When a brand places their name or logo on to one of these torch keyrings, recipients can rest assured that the brand cares about their safety and well-being, thereby automatically creating a positive impression.

    A torch keyring may also be given to employees, and workers who may find themselves doing their tasks at night or in a dark location can keep themselves safe if they have a torch portable enough to take with them anywhere. When a standard torch may prove inconvenient, or it slips the mind of an employee, they can always rely on their torch keyring to light their way. When employees use these products in client homes or in public areas, the branding on the items will then become noticeable to those around them, helping to market a brand as they simultaneously keep their workers safe. Those in construction, those in the business of outdoor goods, or those who wish to promote safety can all appreciate a torch keyring in marketing, as these are items that are able to reach these brands’ necessary audiences while helping to create a positive impact.

    Manufacture & Branding

    The body of a torch keyring will be manufactured using either a plastic material or one of many metals, and this gives these torches the durability they need to be used anywhere. Small torches, larger torches, and high powered torches may be placed on a keyring, and products of all shapes and sizes are manufactured to allow a brand to choose their ideal piece. The keyring portion of a torch keyring is commonly made of metal and it can be shaped in a traditional circle fashion or as a carabiner. In order to create the brightest and longest lasting light, LED bulbs are most commonly used. LED bulbs are exceptionally small light bulbs with the ability to outlive other styles and emit a significantly brighter beam. Laser engraving and pad printing will place branding onto torch keyrings, and print areas are typically located down the body of each product.

    Torch Keyring Case Study

    A volunteer fire company hosting a fundraiser decided to offer branded torch keyrings to attendees. Each keyring was branded with the fire company’s name, logo, and phone number and they quickly became one of the most popular items at the event. The fire company wound up earning all of the funds that they needed to renovate their station, and the keyrings could be seen frequently traveling around town with their recipients.

    Shipping & Distribution

    If quantities are kept from getting too high, torch keyrings may be able to be shipped affordably. While small, these products can be weighty in bulk numbers, and when large recipient audiences are sought, hand distribution may be the most effective method.

    Torch Keyrings
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