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As the name suggests promotional tote bags are handy carry bags which keep your marketing assets together. A cost effective option you can use at conference or events, or simply high visibility branding opportunities with unmissable large-scale custom printing, there are few promotional ideas available which provide the same large scale branding at the price you can source printed tote bags. As people walk the streets they carry your message in large visible print so others can see. When a business contact continues to use a tote bag you've supplied beyond its initial use it becomes a personal endorsement which is the best sort of advertising you can get.

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    Using Tote Bags in Marketing & Promotions

    Rather than disposable items good quality promotional tote bags can be re-used over and over, adding an eco friendly slant to your corporate image. A printed tote bag is not only a simple solution to the problem of keeping documents and marketing materials together it can be a long-term brand investment. Complete with fully customised branding cheap printed tote bags offer value and effective communication.

    There's a tote bag style for every need, or if you prefer take advantage of our custom tote bags manufacturing service and have your own bag designed from the ground up. Whether you're giving them away or selling them as part of a company product package, totes get the word out and get your company noticed. FreeCall 1800 129 999 to talk to a promotional tote bags consultant.

    Guide to Using Promotional Tote Bags in Marketing

    An inexpensive and highly practical promotional item, a tote bag can allow any company name to be seen visibly as a person carries it from place to place. These bags may be used to carry many items, giving them great cross over potential. A recipient may be seen carrying a tote to the gym, on a shopping trip, or while on vacation or picnicking, and each time the bag travels it will be seen by a wide audience. A large branding area is available on each bag to show a brand image or design, and the bags’ durable nature will give them a substantial life span. A tote bag has a more uses than most realise until they own one, and since these bags are made to travel with their recipients, a branded tote will be seen by a vast array of different people.

    What Materials are Tote Bags Made From?

    Each promotional tote bag can be made from materials such as nylon, polycotton, cotton, non-woven rayon, or recycled PET for companies focusing on their efforts to go eco-friendly or live green. A large scale screen printing process is used to place desired brand artwork on both sides of each promotional tote bag.

    Personal Marketing with Tote Bags

    Because tote bags appeal to such a wide range of people, they have many uses in personal marketing. A retail location can gift a tote bag to customers with purchase or for coming to a particular event, they may be given as a personal gift to a client or employee, or they may even be handed out in order to hold other marketing materials for a company to create a complete marketing package.

    A promotional tote can be made into any custom design, shape, size, or colour to suit the needs of your brand. Just about any industry can appreciate using tote bag for promotion, but some of the most popular are retail companies, the hospitality industry, those in fashion or garment making, or professionals organising conferences in order to hold documents or other marketed goods available at the event.

    Tote Bags Case Study

    In support of their reading groups, a local library decided to hand out their own branded promotional tote bags to members of the community. Each bag had a large scale screen printing that encouraged people to make a visit to the library and check out the reading groups they had available there. These bags became a common sight within the community, and as a conversation starter, these bags lead to a record number of new reading group members.

    Shipping & Distribution

    With a long shelf life and the ability to be packed flat, promotional tote bags are easy to ship, some tote bags, depending on the size, may even be shipped in an easy to use envelope. However, marketing has been found to be most successful when one hands out their bags personally during the course of a promotion.

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