Promotional Towels, Custom Logo Branded

Promotional towels can be custom printed or embroidered with your company information to help you get more out the Australian Summer. Whether it's at the beach, the pool or as part of a sports kit for an exercise or fitness campaign a custom branded towel is an item nobody can refuse and for which we all have a genuine affinity. Marketing companies know promotional towels are great for outdoor, bath or water-related businesses. But your company can take advantage of the opportunities they offer to provide a personal gift with genuine value and an effective investment profile. Our custom towels are proven gift ideas no matter what business you're in. Call Fresh Promotions now to discuss your branding needs with an expert consultant and see how many ways you can customise a quality cotton or absorbent sports towel for your own marketing activity.

    Using Towels In Marketing & Promotions

    Whether for use outdoors or at home, towels are very noticeable items. When a person visits a beach, lake, or pool it is often the towels of other visitors they will make a mental note of as they walk about the area, and people may even be defined or found by their chosen towels while meeting with friends in such an outdoor location. Branding a towel is a smart marketing choice for many different industries, and those in entertainment to those in sporting goods can reach their targeted audiences seamlessly by placing their branding on a high quality towel.

    Promotional towels are not limited to large outdoor or beach towels, and smaller kitchen towels or hand towels may also be branded to serve different uses. While a sporting goods or beachwear brand may find that a larger towel best suits their marketing needs, a company in the business of food service, housewares, or skincare may find that a smaller branded towel can be better used by their target audiences and more effectively get their point across. Towels come in a wide range of different price points, so if a brand is looking for a gift to distribute to customers or a gift to show appreciation to important clients or partners, their needs are covered. Cheaper towel options even allow a maximum level of marketing potential for a price that suits any budget.

    Custom Towel Manufacture & Branding

    Micro fibre, cotton, bamboo, and velour are just some of the towel fabric options a brand has to choose from, and the sizes may range from large beach or camping towels suitable for two or more adults, to small face towels which fit perfectly on a bathroom sink. There are expanding towels available, and these allow for exceptionally easy distribution as well as a fun activity for recipients. An expanding towel is a small or regular sized towel super compressed into a very small size or unique shape, and the towels are able to expand to their full size when placed in water. After the towel has expanded, the branding and design on the towel then becomes visible for all to discover.

    Full colour digital printing or screen printing is available to place branding on each towel, and both options allow for exceptional colour and vividness to be shown. The wide range of saturated colours these print methods are able to achieve will allow a brand’s message or logo to stand out on the towel through a great deal of washing and hard use.

    Promotional Case Study

    A beachwear company offered a branded towel with the purchase of a swimsuit during a summer promotion. The towels were not only designed with branding, but with a pattern that matched the swimsuit as well, and they were to be sold exclusively with the swimsuits only. The company’s sales estimates on their new line were crushed when the towel promotion brought an entirely new and unexpected level of excitement to the products.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Towels may be packed easily, and they do remain lightweight in bulk, allowing them to be shipped in an affordable fashion. For hand distribution, these may also be held in a backpack, tote bag, or box for easy carrying.

    Minimal Price: $1.40