Promotional Toys Custom Printed


Promotional activity is all about fun, friendship and building connections. It's no surprise then that promotional toys are an ideal way to engage a market and create a positive attitude among business contacts. Either custom made or as off-the-shelf products with your preferred branding, everybody loves a toy and the range available ensures there is a viable product at every price point. It's not just kids who enjoy something novel and exciting to play with. The range of promotional toys on offer can be used as high-end gifts through to giveaway entertainers. The thing they all have in common is FUN. In marketing as in life there needs to be moments of joy and levity and engaging your market using custom branded toys is a way to round your corporate image

    Using Promotional Toys in Marketing & Promotions

    While they may be most attractive to children, toys can actually be appreciated by recipients of all ages. Decks of cards, Frisbees, and water pistols are just some of the promotional toys available to suit all age groups, and placing a brand logo or company name on these products can really help to place a brand in a positive space when it comes to the consumer conscious.

    Those in the education, children’s goods, or retail industries can all appreciate the use of branded toys in marketing, as they will be able to reach individuals of all types using these products. If a brand is hosting a party or celebration, these toys can also make excellent prize items for raffles, door prizes, and other contests. Many branded toys are highly affordable, and a company can adorn an inexpensive piece with their logo in order to achieve a maximum level of exposure for their money. As recipients play or travel with their toys, the branding adorning these items will be on display, and this can not only help to get a company noticed, but associate them with a fun and laid back reputation as well.

    Promotional Toys Manufacture & Branding

    Promotional toys are manufactured using various materials depending on the toy; however, some of the most popular materials found in these products are plastic, foam, rubber, or acrylic. For promotional bubbles, a non-toxic bubble solution is kept in an acrylic tube or plastic bottle to ensure safety during the course of play. Branded crayons and markers, which are also considered to be toy items, are made of non-toxic materials as well for peace of mind during child use.

    Print areas will vary on promotional toys, and this is due to the differences in shape and size when comparing these products. While one toy may have its sides as the most visible location, another may be better branded on the top, and a third on a particular toy part. In order to achieve the best marketing strategy, the print areas reserved for a brand name or logo are always placed in a toy’s most noticeable location during use or display. Printing methods such as pad printing, screen printing, or full colour digital printing will place branding on promotional toy items, and all of these options allow for coloured designs created to attract attention.

    Toy Case Study

    A local school hosting an outdoor fun day had branded toys made to give to students as gifts as well as prizes during games. The branded toys varied from squirt guns to foam footballs and each child left the event that day with a new branded toy for their enjoyment. The branded toys proved to be such a large hit with the children that school administrators decided to use the toys from then on for the annual event.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Smaller branded toys are able to be packaged conveniently and affordably should this distribution method be chosen. However, with larger toys, hand distribution may prove to be more efficient.

    Minimal Price: $1.10