Transport & Automotive Stress Balls Custom Printed


If there's a way to move it, we have a transport stress ball here which will float your boat. Transport in its many forms is a critical part of the process of trade and business so there are a million ways in which you can use one of these transport stress shapes to get the attention of your existing clients or new markets. From car stress shapes through to cruise liner stress toys the wide range available here covers almost every requirement and are all available with custom branding of your logo and message.

    Using Transport Stress Balls in Marketing & Promotions

    To find out more about the expansive range of transport stress balls and vehicle stress shapes available with custom branding give one of our Fresh Promotions consultants a FreeCall on 1800 129 999 to find out more about branding and availability.

    Using Transport Stress Balls to Build Brand Awareness

    Transportation and a daily commute can be stressful, but transportation companies can help to relieve their customers’ stresses with branded stress shapes. Transport stress shapes come in a plethora of different styles and designs, and these products can help a brand to remind customers of not only their logo, but the business they are in as well, and all by providing a themed branded item that can be appreciated while on display or in use. Transport stress shapes can be appreciated by those in the automotive industry, gas companies, airline companies, cruise lines, or any type of brand that focuses their business on transport. Relatable shapes are available to suit all types of transportation, and a piece can be chosen by a brand that perfectly relates to the business they are involved in.

    Recipients may use these products during their commute, in the office, or at home, and their purpose is as useful as the products are striking. A stress toy is used by repeatedly squeezing the object, and this gives the hands and wrists a way to relieve tension as it gives the mind a way to free itself from the stress a person may be feeling. By placing branding on one of these items, a recipient can associate the brand they see on the product with the feeling of relief they are able to gain from it.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Boats, cars, ships, and planes are just a small look into the types of shapes that transport stress shapes can be manufactured in to, and these products use a combination of soft foam and rubber materials in order to allow them to be soft yet resistant for optimal use. These products are also coloured using safe materials to allow them to be safe for the whole family to use or play with.

    The pad printing of a brand design or logo is placed within the print areas on these products, and this printing method is used due to its ability to stand out on the materials used in manufacture. The print areas on each transport stress shape will vary depending on the style, but these regions are always chosen strategically with maximum marketing potential in mind. The pad printing colour may be chosen from a vast array of different shades in order to allow the piece to stand out effectively.

    Promotional Case Study

    A bus company gave out branded bus shaped stress toys to customers who purchased monthly bus passes during their public transit promotion. These were given in order to encourage individuals to use the bus systems of the area, and the company found that they had their highest sales of monthly passes in their history while the promotion was going on, leading them to make the promotion a yearly event.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Transport stress shapes can be shipped affordably to far away recipients, due to their light weight and small size. For a personal presentation, distribution by hand is often recommended.

    Minimal Price: $3.20