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Because a lot of of us spend our times on the move promotional travel mugs are always a popular personal gift or branding choice. Combining insulation and an ergonomic design which minimises spills and overflow the national desire for regular uptake of caffeine has seen the interest in travel mug marketing increase consistently form year to year. From cheap plastic styles through to double walled stainless steel models there are dozens of travel mugs which will suit any program all supplied with your choice of printed or engraved custom branding. Similar reusable coffee cups which are an eco friendly option for cafes or for your daily visit tothe local cafe are also available on this site. With travel mug range beginning at $1.99ea with your own branding, call us now on 1800 129 999 to speak with an expert and get the right advice on a travel mug style.

    Guide to Using Promotional Travel Mugs In Marketing

    For travellers, office staff and machinery operators a promotional travel mug reduces spillage and keeps beverages warm and welcoming. Whether you;re on the road, in a warehouse or depending on a warm drink to start the day the right way promotional travel mugs are available in a style and size which will suit every application. Either used as gifts to staff, for clients or as part of the day to day necessities in the office kitchen travel mugs have become a business essential which have potential uses for every business.

    Any item made for travel is an item that is also made for marketing, and travel mugs are no exception. Promotional travel mugs can be used by many different industries, and those who sell beverages to those who specialise in travel can benefit equally from the use of these products in marketing. Recently there has been a great deal of interest in reusable coffee cups which are an eco friendly alternative ro the usual disposable takeaway coffee cups most of us have our coffee served in every day. While these mugs are in effect travel mugs, they now constitute a new class of drinking vessel which seem to have longevity and broad appeal.

    Travel mugs provide a certain level of convenience to recipients, and this factor is what makes them so often used. With a handy travel mug, consumers no longer have to make a stop for coffee on their way to a destination, and they are able to take their favourite brews with them wherever their day may go, allowing a brand to give recipients something that they will truly appreciate and use. Each time a person travels with their mug, the branding located on the piece will remain visible to all who they may encounter during the day, allowing one gift to market a brand to vast audiences each time it is used.

    Travel mugs, while being useful and marketable, are also affordable. These pieces come in executive and budget-friendly options capable of making appropriate gifts to any type of desired recipient. By choosing an affordable branded item, such as a travel mug, a brand is able to get their word out without spending too much to do so.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Travel mugs of plastic, silicone, stainless steel, and ceramic are all available, and the shapes and styles of these mugs vary just as greatly as their manufacture materials. Stainless steel travel mugs often make the best executive gift options, and these are often branded using a laser engraving process. Laser engraving allows a brand’s desired logo or message to be engraved directly into the steel of the mug, providing a branding option guaranteed to last for the entire long lifespan of the product it’s placed on.

    Plastic, silicone, and ceramic travel mugs are all affordable options, and a brand will be able to choose a design that best suits the message they are trying to send. Classic, trendy, and futuristic looking travel mugs are all manufactured from these materials to provide a sense of style to an effective promotional item. Pad printing is often used to place branding on these travel mug options, and this gives the brand a way to truly stand out on the piece by using bright and vivid colour.

    Promotional Activity Case Study

    A convenience store began selling branded travel mugs along with offering a coffee deal to customers. When customers purchased and used their travel mugs, they were able to get 10% off their cup of coffee, and these quickly became some of the most popular items in the store. These mugs could be seen travelling all about the area, and many became regular morning customers due to the discount they were able to receive by using their branded mug.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Although bulky, travel mugs can be lightweight, making them affordable to ship. For the most impactful presentation, these may be items best personally distributed.

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