Promotional Travel Rugs & Picnic Rugs Custom Logo Printed


People use travel rugs more than you think or would use a rug more often if they had one. You've probably experienced a time yourself when you wished you had a promotional travel rugs and learned to your regret that a rug made for sleeping under and not travel can end in unhappiness. The selection includes all kinds of travel oriented styles you can customise with your company name or information and give out to customers or employees. A custom travel rug can sit in the boot of your car for years until the day an impromptu picnic or a cold snap sends your marketing contact hunting for shelter. Once they enjoy the security your promotional travel rug brings your reputation can only rise.

    Using Travel Rugs and Picnic Blankets in Marketing & Promotions

    Don't settle for less when you are looking for an auto rug, make sure you get a style which has a water-proof backing and comes complete with a pouch or bag for ease of storage. It's easier to brand the bag in which a travel rug is supplied as it's more visible and if embroidered, doesn't perforate the rug's waterproof finish designed to keep you dry in the great outdoors.

    Australian people are well known to be lovers of the outdoors as well as extensive road travelers. These travel rugs can help to keep the outdoors out, while keeping belongings or a person comfortable and safe from the elements. What a travel rug provides is an element of comfort and convenience that clients, contacts, or business associates can very much appreciate. Also, travel rugs can help to bring a business’s message to a family in a context involving travel and enjoying nature, placing the business in an undoubtedly pleasant place in a family’s mind. A quality travel rug can work well as an addition to a roadside picnic or they may even help family members to protect themselves from the wind or cold. Travel rugs have a large fan base with older individuals who may or may not be less mechanically minded. Travel rugs are ideal in their versatility when it comes to personal marketing, and some popular options are giving them as personal business gifts, gifts for an engagement, or gifts to members of a rewards club or auto group. A tyre company could effectively give promotional travel rugs to customers who purchase a complete set of tires as a “thank you” promotion.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding?

    Travel rugs can be made from a variety of different materials, however no matter the material each travel rug has a waterproof backing to allow them to work efficiently on damp or moist ground. Some travel rug materials are polycotton weave, polyester, or a polyester and wool blend for a deluxe version. The travel rug itself can be branded using either embroidery or a full colour screen print. These travel rugs also come with cases to keep them safe while not being used, and these may be branded using a screen printing process as well. If ordering in large quantities, it can be economically beneficial to have a set of travel rugs created using custom colours, patterns, and sizes to completely represent a particular brand.

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    Two of the advantages of promotional picnic rugs and travel rugs are their compactness and versatility. Because they don't take up much room and have genuine practical value they make great automotive promotional products. Also, if you like to travel, promotional travel gifts are a way tto get the attention and appreciation of your clients. regardless of how many times they board an aircraft for business purposes or even for holiday travel, it is never a particularly pleasant experience so any travel guft which eases their way through the process will always be appreciated

    Travel Rug Case Study

    In one instance, supporters of a local sports team were offered branded travel rugs representing the team at hand. These supporters were encouraged to use these rugs at home matches as a way to stay comfortable while showing support, and it was found that supporters brought their travel rugs to other venues for travel games as well. This allowed them to stand out from the home team crowd at a different venue, and show their support during the course of the match.

    Shipping & Distribution

    A travel rug can be somewhat bulky, and therefore it may pose difficulties in terms of shipping. These items are found to be far easier to hand out manually and in person.

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