Promotional Umbrellas Custom Printed


It's a matter of when not if promotional umbrellas will save your day. Everyone knows the value of a sturdy printed umbrella though they may not appreciate it until the rain starts coming down. The imagery of protection, forward thinking and defence makes promotional umbrellas are a valuable tool for spreading the word about your company. With umbrellas, any time the skies get cloudy your advertising message is going to pop up in force as the umbrellas your clients and contacts hold start singin' in the rain. And as the weather gets cooler umbrellas become a must have item which offer protection and security. the large scale custom branding and flexibility of use which umbrellas offer is a reason every company should have some on hand

    Using Umbrellas in Marketing & Promotions

    The branding on a promotional umbrella is large and prominent, two additional reasons to consider an umbrella as part of your promotional line-up. Whether you use golf umbrellas as a giveaway or you just keep them on hand to be used when required they are still practical and effective branding tools which can save the day at the flick of a self-opening umbrella button.

    The range of promotional umbrellas available covers large and small scale usage. From printed market umbrellas for conferences, outdoor events and sponsorships through to folding umbrellas which can be kept in a glove box of purse there is an umbrella model which will be appreciated by every class of client. When you hand out promo umbrellas the rain comes down, your ratings go up.

    Keep Your Promotional Umbrellas Handy - The Marketing Idea for A Rainy Day

    Fresh Promotions has many different kinds of umbrellas for stylish rain protection. Whatever your proposed design, we can help you make it a reality with our versatile options. Take the time to consider just how you want your branded umbrellas to look and feel. We offer straight handles, curved handles, and wood handles for that perfect grip on a windy day. Many of our umbrellas come in compact styles so that you can fold them up and tote them along easily. Included pocket, zippered, or bottle shaped cases make it easy to keep promotional umbrellas in a purse or bag so it's never far away when you need it.

    Beach umbrellas are another option for custom umbrellas. These are perfect for any ocean side community. If you're promoting beach rentals or vacation activities, beach umbrellas are the perfect way to reach your audience. These curved umbrellas provide cool, comfortable shelter in the hot Aussie sun. They're made for beach use so you can dig the legs of the umbrella into the sand and keep it in place easily. These umbrellas will act as movable billboards on the beach with your promotional printing. Other beach goers are sure to see your logo this way. We have lots of colourful beach umbrellas for you to consider. If you're running a dining establishment umbrellas are just what you need. These promotional umbrellas will feature your promotional message along the top and side. The long sturdy stand is perfect for mounting the umbrella in the centre of a table. Anywhere you have tables set up, you can use this kind of umbrella for a little extra advertising. Never pass up the opportunity to spread your name and logo a little further. If you're using plain solid coloured umbrellas at your location, you're missing out on a great chance to connect with new potential customers on the street.

    Companies hosting outdoor events also need branded umbrellas on hand. At fairs, concerts, and sporting events, many companies have the opportunity to rent out a booth or table for promoting their product. While you're probably spent lots of time considering the giveaways to feature on your table, you may not have addressed the look of the table itself. You need to reach out and grab the attention of attendees from across a crowd. A well branded marquee is just the way to do it. You'll also be able to convince customers to linger at your table much longer when they're able to do so in cool, comfortable shade.

    Whether you're looking for branded umbrellas for the rain, or large outdoor umbrellas for the sun, Fresh Promotions has the product for you. Every one of our custom umbrellas comes with your printing. Your company name and logo are typically repeated several times throughout the design. Rain umbrellas feature the design on every panel while market stall tents will run a repeating logo around the border of the tent. We have lots of different colour combinations to choose from so you can get your message across beautifully even with a simple single colour print. Give your sales team a call to get started on the design process today.

    Minimal Price: $7.15