Gift Packaging for Promotional Flash Drives


USB packaging solutions are designed to be customised and made unique in so many different ways. It's really going to be up to you to make sure that you explore our inventory of different products and find the solutions that you like best. Packaging for USBs is a great way to increase the apparent value and message carrying capacity of your flash drive gifts. A custom flash drive gift packaging solution makes a greater impact for a smaller percentage increase in total budget investment than many other options in branded ideas. It doesn't matter what industry you're in or what business you seek to attract a well packaged gift says you care and makes the value of the whole offering increase far beyond the additional investment and effort involved.

    Using USB Flash Drive Packaging in Marketing & Promotions

    When presenting a professional branded item, such as a flash drive, the presentation of the piece can be as important as the piece itself, and this means that the packaging should match the style and sophistication of the USB flash drive chosen. While any recipient would be happy to receive a branded flash drive, one that is enclosed in smart branded packaging will undoubtedly make a greater impact in their minds, causing them to both remember and cherish the piece.

    The packaging of an item is often the first part of the item a recipient, or onlooker, will see, making these pieces very effective for marketing a brand. While a flash drive will be able to represent a particular company, the packaging the device is held in will be the first thing spotted by all who see the gift, and branding this is key to gaining an adequate level of attention. Because many different industries can appreciate the use of flash drives in marketing, they can appreciate branded USB flash drive packaging as well, as these are two products that go hand in hand when it comes to the perfect presentation of a useful promotional tool. This packaging can also be used to keep the flash drive safe long after it has been received, and these are items that can be noticed easily as they rest on desks or at-home computer table tops; helping to market a brand even when the devices or packages are not in immediate use.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Metal tins, soft plastic sleeves, and hard plastic cases are all able to be branded, and these are made with USB flash drives particularly in mind. Soft plastic sleeves and plastic cases are two economically efficient options that provide all of the protection and presentation a brand may desire while still remaining affordable; giving a brand a way to use promotional USB packaging in a way that will not break their marketing budget. Either screen or pad printing is used to place branding on these types of plastic packages, and this allows for a brand’s logo or design to be shown in bright and noticeable colour. Metal tins are made to really create a big impact in the minds of recipients, and these options are built to last. Typically made from aluminium, these allow a brand to give their promotional flash drives in a way that remains completely professional with no loss of function. Pad printing or laser engraving may be chosen to place branding on these packaging items.

    Flash Drive Packaging Case Study

    A mobile phone company gifted USB flash drives to all of their employees as part of their annual holiday gift. These USBs were presented in small metal tins engraved with the company’s name and logo, and employees were happy to receive such an item that they could use on a daily basis. Many of the tins sat on visible display on desktops around the office for many months, with some employees even repurposing them to hold paperclips or thumbtacks.

    Shipping & Distribution

    While small, USB packaging can be somewhat bulky, and this can lead these pieces to becoming difficult to pack for affordable shipping rates. These are promotional pieces best hand distributed with USB flash drives inside to create a full presentation.

    USB Packaging
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