Promotional USB Flash Drive Pens Custom Printed


Combining USB flash drive with a pen seems like a promotional marriage made in heaven. These geek-friendly memory stick writing instruments make it easy to carry and reproduce data at both ends of the technology scale. As part of a range of technology gift items a company may be seeking to assemble, a USB pen is a great way to create a unique product which may be something new in the experience of many people and is a perfect way to amalgamate the range of USB merchandise on the marketing list into a more manageable whole. The range of memory stick pens are suitable for gift offerings or as staff work tools which will facilitate and enhance the exchange of information and ideas within a company. As a secret way to carry data for those companies which are concerned about the exposure of their proprietary information to outsiders a promotional USB memory pen can be a way to hide data files from prying eyes. Call us today to discuss what you need and order your memory pens from the experts in the trade.

    Using USB Flash Drive Pens in Marketing & Promotions

    Both pens and flash drives have plenty of places around the office, but when these two objects are combined, they create a useful tool interesting enough to garner quite a bit of attention. Attention grabbing items are items best used for marketing purposes, making these USB pens ideal backdrops for company branding. When a person working in an office, relaxing in a home, or sitting at their favourite table in a cafe uses their USB pen, those around them are sure to want to further investigate the item and appreciate its convenience, and when these devices are branded, it will be a company’s name and logo being noticed as well.

    Those in the tech industry, those working in financial institutions, and those in a plethora of other industries can all equally appreciate USB pens for marketing purposes, as so many different type of individuals will be drawn to using these gadgets on a day to day basis. A USB pen can also be given to recipients pre-loaded with important information about a brand as well, allowing companies to market themselves while also getting their latest news out to the public using one simple promotional device. Unlike brochures or newsletters, these can be repurposed by recipients to allow a brand’s image to live on as the USB pens continue being used.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    USB pens will often either be made of metal options, such as steel or aluminium, or plastic, and either may also include a rubber grip for optimal comfort. Metal USB pens make the best executive gifts, as their sophisticated and often futuristic appeal is appropriate for a professional setting. These may be branded by laser engraving or pad printing, and the decision between the two methods will depend on the brand’s personal preferences. Laser engraving uses laser technology to engrave the design into the metal of the pen, while pad printing places a design onto the pen’s surface. Plastic USB pen options are more affordable when compared to their metal counterparts, and these can come in a wide array of fun colours. The plastic used is strong enough to withstand many years of wear, and pad printing is the most commonly used print method to place branding on these items.

    Promotional USB Pen Case Study

    At the yearly company picnic, a pharmaceutical company branch gifted each employee with a branded USB pen. Employees began using these pens regularly all around the office for both jotting down notes and storing digital information, no matter which department they worked in. These pens were found to be so useful, that other branches of the company had decided to gift USB pens to their employees as well.

    Shipping & Distribution

    USB Pens are small and lightweight, which allows them to be shipped both easily and affordably. For the most memorable presentation, hand distribution in a branded gift box is often desired. USB pens are also able to be carried in a tote bag or backpack in large numbers if widespread distribution at an event is desired.

    USB Pens
    Minimal Price: $8.00