Promotional Vacuum Flasks & Thermos Flasks


Promotional vacuum flasks are a great customisable tool for your business that lasts for years and offers genuine value daily to those who use them. From classic Thermos branded custom flasks which come with a lifetime guarantee through to smaller personal models which hold a volume equivalent to a single cup the style in stock can all be customised. Whether you're looking for a gift for hard working people who are often subject to the whims of the climate, through to a vacuum flask suitable for a chief executive's visit to a polo field the same basic toughness and the same principles of physics apply equally to both. Promotional vacuum bottles with similar insulating characteristics are also available on this site

    Using Promotional Vacuum Flasks In Marketing Activity

    An insulated coffee flask is great for a variety of situations where you're looking to get the attention of somebody who appreciates things which quietly achieve results.  For more information and advice on branding and distribution, call us now on 1800 129 999 to speak with a flask expert.

    For a branded item with a useful purpose, and one that is made to travel vast distances, a vacuum flask can be appreciated by many different industries. From those in the restaurant business, to those in travel, a vacuum flask can be used by various audiences to allow recipients to take with them all of their favourite hot beverages or soups. A vacuum flask is a portable container able to keep its contents warm for prolonged periods of time, whether during travel or a typical workday, providing recipients with many opportunities to take their branded vacuum flasks out to face the public.

    As a person travels with their vacuum flasks, or uses it in a public setting, those surrounding them will also be able to notice the branding placed on each item. Working as something of a travelling billboard for a brand, these flasks serve not only the function of convenience for the users, but an ideal advertising piece for the brand providing the gift as well.

    Vacuum flasks are also products that may be shared, and as each person in a home or family has their turn with the product, the branding placed on it can be exposed to a wide array of different types of audiences.

    Manufacture & Branding?

    Vacuum flasks are often made of stainless steel, and this method of manufacture gives these products a way to last for many years of hard use while still remaining completely functional. Stainless steel provides the insulation a vacuum flask needs to keep its contents warm for hours at a time, and the material is durable enough to travel along wherever a recipient may decide to take their promotional gift.

    Flasks made to suit different needs are available as well, and those for beverages, those for foods, and those which can work just as well for both may be branded to represent a particular company.

    A laser engraving method is typically used to brand each vacuum flask, and this method allows the branding to keep its place on the product for its entire lifetime. Laser engraving uses laser technology to engrave a brand’s logo, name, or message into the steel of each flask, so the wearing or rubbing off of branding is never a concern.

    Promotional Case Study

    A sporting goods brand hosting a grand opening event wanted to offer something to new customers to show their appreciation. Due to the time of year, their camping gear was being promoted in store, causing the brand to choose vacuum flasks as their promotional gift with purchase of any camping apparel or gear. These vacuum flasks were used often by recipients, and other customers began coming into the store long after the promotion asking about where they could acquire a flask of their own. After a plethora of inquiries, the brand began selling the branded flasks in store with a great deal of success.

    Shipping & Distribution

    While these are items which may be shipped, it is often more economically efficient to hand distribute them to recipients.

    Vacuum Flasks
    Minimal Price: $10.50