Vinyl Wallets Custom Printed

Custom made vinyl wallets and card holders are ideal ways to keep documents together or send out membership entitlement details to your contacts. Regardless of the structure you require from your vinyl wallet it can be custom designed and manufactured. These promo items are very popular with auto dealers and traders and travel orientated businesses, but there are actually no limitations on their use as any client or business sector which requires documentation and printed materials could easily find a valuable place in their promotional activity for these custom made vinyl wallets and document folders.

    Using Vinyl Wallets in Marketing & Promotions

    You probably have a custom vinyl wallet in the glovebox of your care right now, or in a file in the office which covers the insurance and service history of the company fleet. any colour combination and large scale screen print branding are the other advantages of this promotional products class. If you are sending guidebooks and documents to your clients on a regular basis or providing engineering equipment which calls for accurate record keeping, promotional vinyl wallets could be the answer to keeping it all together. To learn more about the custom design service and off-the-shelf styles available FreeCall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999.

    Using Vinyl Wallets to Build Brand Awareness

    A vinyl wallet can be used personally to hold business cards or other materials, or it can be gifted to recipients in order to make a presentation piece out of branded materials or information. Vinyl wallets are simple and affordable items that feature document pockets, and these can come in a wide variety of sizes and styles in order to suit a particular marketing need. Vinyl wallets are most commonly used to safely distribute information, and this information can come in the form of an auto manual or credit card information to professional paperwork or contracts given to employees. A vinyl wallet may also be reused by a recipient to carry personal information during travel, which gives these products reasons to be used for a long time by those who receive them.

    Those in the automotive industries, finance industries, office supply industries, or any industry can appreciate the use of a vinyl wallet, as these are products which have plenty of ways to be appropriately used. When branding is placed on the cover of an item likely to see travel, such as a vinyl wallet, it can be seen by any number of different audiences, making these products smart choices in terms of marketing.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    A vinyl wallet will be made primarily from vinyl, however the document holders inside will be manufactured using a soft plastic material. The plastic material used to hold items in a vinyl wallet is flexible yet secure, which allows these product to hold all that they need to hold safely during the course of use. Also, because these plastic panels are often clear, the documents held inside a vinyl wallet may be seen easily each time the product is opened.

    A single colour pad print is the most common print method used on vinyl wallets, and this gives a brand the opportunity to choose which colour or colours may represent their branding imagery. Because vinyl wallets will come in a plethora of base colours, a brand may choose a complimentary colour of pad print that is able to stand out on their chosen colour choice of wallet. The print area on a vinyl wallet is often found on the wallet’s cover, and this is to provide maximum visibility. The print area is the area on a product that is reserved for the printing of a design, and this sizeable region on a vinyl wallet is chosen to allow the product to be seen from all angles during use.

    Promotional Case Study

    A car dealership placed automobile manuals in branded vinyl wallets when vehicles were sold to consumers. These vinyl wallets bore the branding of the dealership on the cover, and they had the ability to keep the manuals safe during use so that recipients would be able to carry their manuals with them in their vehicles with less of a risk of damage. Recipients appreciated the vinyl wallets, and these were often kept with them in their cars for the entire life of the vehicle.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Vinyl wallets may be just as easily shipped as they are hand distributed, as their light weight and small size makes them easy to pack and affordable to send.

    Vinyl Wallets
    Minimal Price: $1.30