Sun Visors Custom Embroidered & Printed


The right promotional visors are both a fun piece of headwear and a practical protection against glare and direct sun damage to eyes. At outdoor events and sports sponsorships handing our sun visors is a cheap way to offer attendees a gift which is both memorable, practical and will carry memories of the event into the future. Our wide selection of promotional sun visor styles covers all requirements from the dedicated sports person to those who simply need something to shield themselves from glare.

    Using Visors in Marketing & Promotions

    Imagine a whole team of people wearing promotional sun visors carrying your brand. A simple product like cheap sun visors can turn a mixed crown into a team, all working to make your brand more visible. Visors also work well at sporting events and sponsorships where the right coloured visor style can be seen from the other side of the field. A group of supporters all wearing your branded visors will standout from the background noise and make it look like you are creating a big slash at a low price.

    A promotional visor is a marketing gift which will be appreciated at events from dance parties to charity walks. Available at a lower price than almost any other type of promotional headwear but not lacking in branding, promotional sun visors offer a great value alternative to the budget conscious Australian marketer. FreeCall 1800 129 999 now to speak with a visor expert about the model which will work best for you.

    Minimal Price: $2.60