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Water Bottles


Whether it's sports bottles for clubs and local teams or branded water bottles as giveaways at fun-runs or outdoor events, providing your clients with a stylish means of hydration is a win-win way of creating positive brand awareness. In a country like Australia where the vagaries of the climate call for regular refreshment and hydration the high logo print on custom drink bottles makes them a daily reminder of your brand and message. Branded water bottles are something that anyone can use, the right bottle style can become constant companion going everywhere with your customer while spreading awareness of your brand. Not just for people working in the outdoors who need to stay hydrated these days everyone enjoys having fresh water on hand and the right promotional bottle is convenient and environmentally friendly gift option

In our hot, dry land, promotional drink bottles have value in most marketing situations. Whether it's sports bottles for clubs and local teams or branded water bottles as giveaways at fun-runs or outdoor events keeping your clients hydrated is now an effective means of communication. Printed water bottles have a large branding area and for most of the styles there are two positions in which to print your logo.

Branded water bottles are something that anyone can use, and any company can use in marketing. The right water bottle can become a daily office fixture accessory going everywhere with your customer, and spreading the word about your company. Cheap promotional bottles make great sponsorship gifts for local clubs and childrens' charities. With the wide range of colours and contrasting bottle caps available you can make custom water bottles a unique branding opportunity which will continue to spread your message into the future.

A promo bottle close at hand is a convenience which keeps staff at their desks, reduces consumption of less healthy beverages and allows people to refill for free rather than pay the exorbitant retail price of bottled water. With a long life, ease of cleaning and sturdy construction promotional water bottles are cheap to acquire and last for years.

Promotional Drink Bottles - For Drinks On The Go

Promotional water and drink bottles can send lots of beneficial messages. Reusable water bottles are a popular way to encourage eco-friendly living practices. Disposable water bottles create a lot of waste. Reusable bottles can be refilled again and again with fresh clean water, while creating absolutely no waste at all. With today's water filters, it's easy to recreate the quality of bottled water right from the tap. With a handy reusable water bottle, there's no excuse for tossing plastic into the trash anymore. Increase your company's proud green image with custom water and drink bottles for both employees and customers.

There are lots of health benefits to drinking adequate amounts of water. While personalised water bottles are often associated with athletic events, almost anyone can benefit from increasing their water intake. Employees in an office setting will find that drinking plenty of water each day helps them feel more energised, awake, and productive. Small cups at the water cooler don't last very long. Large water bottles provide fresh cold water at the desk for hours. When you're selecting the design of your promotional water and drink bottles, consider where they'll be used most and look for a design that will accommodate the customer easily.

We have convenient branded water and drink bottles in lots of different designs and materials. Aluminium, stainless steel, BPA-free plastic, and metal are just some of the options. Many bottles have comfort grips that are great for hiking or other outdoor activities. Spouts are available in straw-like shapes, open drinking spouts, and traditional push-top caps. We have lots of options with carabiner clips for convenience on the road. With a carrying clip, your promotional water and drink bottles can be attached to a bag, purse, backpack, or belt so it's always on hand whether they're on the way to school or out on a big camping trip.

If you want printed water and drink bottles with a little something extra, we have lots of unique options that will make a big impression. Our water bottle survival kit comes with a torch, pocket knife, and safety whistle. The golf ball bottle has a golf ball holder on the lid and pockets for tees around the case. Filter water bottles have a filter included right in the top of the bottle so you can use water straight from the tap and still ensure a clean, refreshing drink. If you're looking for custom water and drink bottles with class, we have several glass water bottles that are perfect for executive use in the office, or an elegant table in the restaurant.

All of our promotional water and drink bottles are easily customised with your promotional printing. Most options are available in several different colours. Whether you're looking for sleek black, crystal clear, refreshing blue or bright red, there's a bottle for you. With your promotional printing right on the bottle, your logo and company name will be sure to hit the road with your customers. Encourage healthy living, ample hydration, and eco-friendly lifestyle changes all in one fell swoop with this easily customised giveaway. Promotional water and drink bottles are great in conference bags, on trade show tables, or as special employee gifts for use around the office.

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