Promotional Waterman Pens Custom Branded


A byword for quality writing instruments, Waterman Pens make great high-end gifts. Waterman's reputation, like Parkers' is built on reservoir based fountain pens which became popular in the late nineteenth century. While other manufacturers overtook Waterman during the twentieth century, their insistence in remaining true to their original values eventually saw a renaissance in interest in the brand as a new generation came to realise that the conservative styling was underpinned by timeless design and manufacturing excellence.

    Using Waterman Pens in Marketing & Promotions

    Your company can take advantage of these inherent Waterman Pen values. Either laser engraved or pad printed, every Waterman Pen is delivered in a stylish gift box which increases their apparent value of a promotional offering. To learn more about the range and branding options for Waterman models, FreeCall Fresh Promotions on 1800 129 999 and speak to a consultant.

    Waterman Pens - A Premium Pen Gift

    Waterman pens can create the ultimate promotional corporate gift option, and these products are as well made as they are eye catching, By choosing a sturdy and eye catching piece to place branding on, a company is able to rest assured that their promotional gift and their branding will live on, thereby allowing them to gain greater exposure with a gift sure to be appreciated by recipients. A Waterman pen is often a promotional item that will stand-alone, and this is due to its elegance and high crafted manufacture. Placed in a branded box, this style of pen will be able to make the type of impact a brand is looking for both immediately and for the long haul.

    Watermen pens quickly become the preferred pens of recipients, and this allows these products to see a great deal of use. A person will often take their Waterman pen along with them during business trips, personal travel, or everyday errands or tasks, and each time a Waterman pen travels, opportunities are presented for the branding on the items to be seen. Brands in any type of industry may use a Waterman pen for marketing purposes, and this is due to the fact that these products can be appreciated by all types of desired recipients.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    Waterman pens are manufactured using only the highest quality materials, and some material options found in these pens are steel, aluminium, silver plate, lacquer, or enamel. Because these pens are considered to be premium options, the materials that go into creating them are always handpicked to provide the utmost quality. Watermen pens with a twist mechanism to keep the point safe while not in use are available, as well as pens that come with sturdy caps to perform the same task. Keeping the point of the pen tucked in or capped away while the pen is not being used, or during travel, provides a way for recipients to keep their pens in working condition for long lengths of time.

    Two different print options are available with Waterman pens, pad printing and laser engraving, and these will place a company’s brand images onto each piece. Laser engraving provides a more elegant look by etching the imagery into the surface of the pen’s body. Pad printing can bring about an element of colour as this method applies the branding in the colour of a company’s choice onto the surface of the pen.

    Promotional Case Study

    Looking to impress a new business partner, a financial firm gifted executives of their new partner company with branded Waterman pens as a token of their appreciation. The executives were impressed with the pens and their quality, and this blossomed into a very lucrative professional partnership.

    Shipping & Distribution

    Although Waterman pens may be shipped affordably due to their small size, these products may create a better marketing impact when gifted by hand to recipients. When distributing, enclosing these pens in a branded pen box is often recommended to ensure they are received undamaged.

    Waterman Pens
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