Wooden USB Flash Drives Custom Logo Branded


Wooden cased flash drives are an option if you're after a green or eco-friendly memory stick option. Either printed or engraved one of these natural plantation timber based memory stick options is a great way for your company to trumpet its green credentials. Made of either plantation produced bamboos or paulownia timber from sustainably managed plantations the wooden range of promotional flash stick styles makes it a no brainer for those companies in forestry and conservation as well as being a perfect item for those who would prefer to enhance their green credentials against a market view which may not coincide.

    Using Wooden USB Flash Drives in Marketing & Promotions

    Because wood USB flash sticks are a product which has appeal across a range of business categories there are many ways they can be branded which individualise each model to make its target more appreciative and in-tune with the offering. From 1gb - 16gb capacity the natural timber flash drive range is a high-tech as the rest of them but keeps its feet on the ground where the eco-friendly wooden casings were grown and raised. Call Fresh Promotions now top speak with one of our wood casing advisors to make sure you select the right model for your promotional campaign.

    Wood Flash Drives Stand Out From The Crowd

    Wood flash drives are uncommon, and this gives these promotional flash drive options an automatic way to catch a person’s eye. When looking for a perfect product for promotional marketing, finding something stand-out enough to garner attention on its own can be difficult, but wood flash drives provide both the usefulness and uniqueness desired to get a brand noticed and noticed easily. Wood flash drives provide all of the same benefits of other types of flash drives, except they are made from environmentally sustainable natural wood, making these promotional products perfect for companies who value environmental sustainability, those who work with wood, and those who focus on outdoors goods.

    When a person travels, they will often keep a flash drive with them to either take along professional materials, or use in storing vacation photos, emergency information, or a digital travel itinerary. When these flash drives have on them a brand message, this can also travel along with a recipient, and this will lead to many different audiences locally or around the globe being able to be exposed to a particular company. With a flash drive style option as eye-catching as wood, those in the vicinity of recipients will be able to notice these pieces effortlessly, leading even more individuals to take note of a particular brand.

    Custom Manufacture & Branding Options

    The primary material used in manufacturing wood flash drives is bamboo, and this is because bamboo is able to be grown and harvested in an environmentally friendly fashion which allows these flash drives to be produced without causing harm to the environment. Bamboo is a lightweight, yet sturdy, wood that showcases a natural light colour. A wood flash drive can be made into a variety of different shapes, and egg shapes to capsules to classic rectangle shaped flash drives may be branded to perfectly suit a company’s custom design. Two branding options may be chosen from to customise these flash drives, and these are either laser engraving or pad printing. With pad printing, a logo, design, or message is printed onto the surface of the wood to allow the brand to stand out against the natural backdrop in the colour of a brand’s choosing. Laser engraving uses laser technology to engrave a logo or design directly into the surface of the wood itself, rather than on top of it. This method allows the branding to remain on the flash drive for the life of the item, however it may not be as visible at a distance.

    Promotional Case Study

    A carpentry company looking to showcase their portfolio to potential customers gave interested parties a branded wooden flash drive pre-loaded with photographs of their previous work. Recipients were not only impressed with the work, but with the presentation and the flash drives as well, allowing them to feel confident about choosing the company for their job. The carpentry company reported that their sales had improved significantly since using the flash drives to promote their previous work.

    Shipping, Storage & Distribution

    These small and lightweight objects are easy and affordable to ship, however a better presentation may be made if they are hand distributed in a small eco-friendly gift box.

    Wood Flash Drives
    Minimal Price: $9.00